Since experiencing a 3rd Eye Awakening, all of my meditative experiences have become holographic in nature.  One of the other effects that I experienced is that I see energy all of the time and when I tune in and focus on the energy centre, it looks like a portal or a vortex of energy.  Switches on and off at will.  In the beginning I used to be very skeptical and then i noticed something interesting about my experiences.  When I used to have profound holographic experiences, I would always have the same experience twice, at exactly the same time the following day.  This helped me trust these experiences even more.  I also realised that I could interact with these holograms, being a [...]

Energy Healing

The Initiation My first energy experience happened early one morning in March 2008, I woke up one morning in absolute fright, kicking the bedding of bed, I felt as if I had holes in my hands and something was pouring out of the palms.  My first though was blood, it was invisible and so tangle, it was pouring from the centre of both my palms.  I tried putting my palms together and my hands wouldn’t touch, it actually felt like I had an invisible balloon between my hands, the more i tried to bring them together the greater I would feel them pushing apart.  I then realised it was energy and I started playing with it, it was as if I had [...]

Freedom of Choice

This has been a touchy topic for many, some believing that they have choice, others believing that they don’t and some believing they are somewhere in the middle. These questions about choice usually come into our lives when we feel that we are at a dead-end, things are stagnant, boredom begins to creep in, something being blocked or being stuck. It doesn’t really matter what the experience is but the feeling that transpires is the feeling of being trapped. No matter which way you look, you cannot see a way out, compounded by feelings of insecurity, responsibility, guilt, fear, failure, just to name a few. The outside reality creates an illusion that you do not have a choice, but there is something [...]

Essence of Joy

I remember the day that my reality shifted, a realisation that there was much more to my world than I had originally thought of. Over the next few months my life started to crumble as a new one was being founded. Looking back, it was a difficult process letting go of the life I had created, although alongside the loss, I was having experiences that in my reality were totally magickal. That process has helped me realise that the Essence of joy is an amazing catalyst to ones spiritual growth.At times I felt like a child, playing with and experiencing energy, this created tremendous excitement. It helped me through the most difficult period of my life, no matter what was happening to [...]

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