The Higher Self Transmissions Guide

  • Recommended Practice: One session per week or every two weeks.
  • Some sessions only have one transmission and some have two. The time in-between allows for release and integration of the transmissions.
SessionName of TransmissionTimeAudio
00 PreSelf-Acceptance: The Pathway to Love44:00
01 OneChakra and Energy Balancing11:00
02The Awakening and 3rd Eye Activation40:00
03 TwoInner Child Connection and Healing27:00
04Earth Element Initiation31:30
05 ThreeAir Element: Clearing and Balancing33:00
06Air Element Initiation40:00
07FourWater Element: Clearing and Balancing33:23
08Water Element Initiation33:33
09 FiveFire Element: Clearing and Balancing30:33
10Fire Element Initiation 33:33
11 SixFifth Element Activation – Integrating the Higher Self44:00
12 SevenStepping into Multidimensionality49:00
13EightEquilibrium 50:00

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The Higher Self

One can look at the Higher Self as being the collective field of all your multidimensional experiences, across time, dimensions and space. It is pure, it is the true essence of the Love and Light that you are. It is ancient, all knowing and has been always connected to you.

All our multidimensional experiences are channelled through our Higher Self to us, making us aware of these type of aspects. Continuously sending us messages during our dream states and in visions. We have been connected all of the time to our Higher Self but we have been unaware of it. The reflection of our reality is through our Higher Self, that is how we perceive and experience reality.

Our world is like a message box, sometimes you have a thought process and a few hours later someone speaks to you about the same though or subject matter. You are thinking about a friend and then they call you. You making a decision about going to a place and three people share the exact same destination that you were thinking about.  Everything is connected, the more aware you become, the more you are able to see and interpret and life becomes very exciting.

On a conscious level, a two-way conscious communication is established with the Soul by the individual. The eventual integration of the Higher Self with the Lower Self provides an “at Oneness” that gives a peace not often found in human experience. You shall discover for yourself your own “greatness” as you become more and more aware of your source.

This is a series of transmissions that have been channeled for the Connecting with Your Higher Self program. Each transmission delivers a Powerful Experience through Alignment, Balancing and Activation.  Assisting and guiding you through any challenges, obstacles, beliefs or limitations that may be holding you back from developing your connection with your Higher Self. These transmissions continuously align and balance each of the chakras while awakening your intuitive senses as you integrate your connection with your Higher Self.

As a set, this series becomes a powerful focused program of spiritual transformation taking your through a specific cyclic process of preparation, activation, alignment, clearing and activation preparing you for the final Three Transmissions. Sacred Geometry is foundation of these transmissions, the structure and platform for integrating the Five Elements (Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Spirit) which is the core of our physical reality. Each element is directly related to multiple aspects in us as a human being:

  • Earth – Foundation, Security, Fertility, The Physical Body
  • Air – The Intellect, The Mind, Communication, The Mental Field
  • Water – The Unconscious, Emotions, Psychic Abilities The Emotional Field
  • Fire – Passion, Creation, Destruction, Change, Transformation
  • Spirit – Divine Connection, Soul Essence, The Higher Self

Your experience of life begins to change, you begin to see life differently, and you become the focus point of your reality. Judgment begins to drop, situations that bothered you just drop away, relationships become more harmonious. There is an essence of knowing that develops, a guidance that flows from within, and this is the most exciting part of these transmissions.