Since experiencing a 3rd Eye Awakening, all of my meditative experiences have become holographic in nature.  One of the other effects that I experienced is that I see energy all of the time and when I tune in and focus on the energy centre, it looks like a portal or a vortex of energy.  Switches on and off at will.  In the beginning I used to be very skeptical and then i noticed something interesting about my experiences. 

When I used to have profound holographic experiences, I would always have the same experience twice, at exactly the same time the following day.  This helped me trust these experiences even more.  I also realised that I could interact with these holograms, being a lover of technology, I  was super excited.  Within the holographic states, if I had to get excited or my equilibrium shifts, the holograms would dissipate. 

The most exciting experience with the holograms was when I heard a voice asking me to open my eyes and I begin witness the holograms with eyes open.  The magic was back.