Self Healing


Chief Little Summer has been a wonderful guide and an amazing influence in my life since my awakening. He has entered my dream world and meditative states sharing experiences and guiding me, he is my inspiration and role model. I wish to share with you one of their techniques, an ancient Mayan healing technique. I hope you enjoy it. Love and blessings, Aang




Modern medical authority has conservatively estimated that 85% of all illness is psychosomatic. That is to say; it is self-imposed. It, therefore, stands to reason, if we can think about feeling bad and become ill, then we can also think about feeling good and become well. Health conditions are truly the product of mind over matter. The older we get, the easier it is to promote ill-health. We have learned to recognise the symptoms and have mastered the art of manufacturing them. The mind, working through the brain, has unlimited powers. The ancient Mayan knew this and learned to discipline himself in ways that would achieve his goals.

Daily, catalysts are forth-coming that are quite capable of producing the noble illness. Symptoms can appear automatically through the magic of cellular memory. We become sick because the circumstances indicate we ought to. We are all creatures of habit. So, healing oneself becomes a matter of altering a habit and re-training cellular memory.

It might seem that strong-willed people would have an advantage here, but not necessarily so. The “weak-willed” are not encumbered with hard-fast, pre-set patterns and can readily accept change without the benefit of standard guidelines. Both feet comfortably on the ground, yet free to move with an open attitude, is an ideal condition, regardless of the strength of will. Daily meditation enriches the capacity of an open mind.

Through meditation and other forms of examination, the discrepancy to be healed is identified. This is not absolutely necessary, though it is obviously helpful. A general healing, as opposed to a specific healing, can be very effective.


Now let us examine the technique. Choose a time and a place where the distractions are minimal. Of the prone. Seated or standing positions, the latter is preferred. Stand next to a chair or some solid object, as loss of balance might easily occur. Stand straight, relaxed, with arms at your sides. Close your eyes. Do not choose a dark room or area. Some form of light is essential.


Envision a shaft of emerald green light, about the size of a baseball bat, entering the chest and into your heart. Allow this etheric light to pass through your heart, to your spinal cord. Now, envision this love/healing energy rising up your spinal cord and entering your brain. Feel your brain swelling up with this energy. Feel the expanding pressure at your temples and at your forehead. Pump your brain full of our Creator’s love and healing energy for about two minutes.

STEP 3. 

Now, stop the supply of incoming green light at your chest. Insert your personal thought about the kind of healing you desire in the green light pressurised in your head. Envision this Intelligent Energy slowly entering your spinal cord at the base of your skull. Using the nervous system as the conductor, allow the green light to slowly, very slowly, descend downward. Envision a thin disc of light passing downward through your body like an elevator going down. Halt the green disc for 20 to 30 seconds in any area of your body that you deem critical, such as your heart, stomach, gonads etc. Feel the poisons being pushed down through your relaxed body. Feel the purified result above the green healing disc. Feel your brain relaxing, as the process continues.

STEP 4. 

In two to three minutes, the green disc will have passed through your entire body and egresses through the soles of your feet. Some of the cleansing green light will escape through the pores of your skin, while some will be discharged from your fingertips. Through your nervous system, your body has been cleansed from the inside out purged of all its toxins and negative products. Open your eyes. Grab the chair if you need support. You may feel light headed. Stand still. Do not move. Think! The exercise should consume approximately five minutes. Repeat the procedure if you choose, but no more than two more times! The sequence may be repeated 12 hours later or 24 hours later as needed.

STEP 5. 

Conclude your self-healing by bringing the green light into your heart once again, to your spinal cord, and pass the light up your backbone to your brain. This final time, allow the love/healing energy to pass from the crown of your head and flow upward like a fountain. As the sparkling green light gently falls around your body, create a dome of love to dwell in and to share with other Human Beings, along with any plants and animals who are exposed to your mobile love/healing environment. Saturate yourself, and all within the radius of your dome, with the green light of our ONE Infinite Creator.

Finally, share your love/healing energies with our beloved Earth Mother by creating a shaft of light the diameter of your dome – that penetrates all the way to the mantle, some 400 miles down. When you move about, always take your dome and shaft of green light with you, as you cut a swath of love/healing energy into our weary Earth Mother wherever you go. This is the honour/duty of all who chose this incarnation to be of Positive Service to our ONE Infinite Creator.

May the Great Spirit’s Blessings be Yours.

We Are,

Chief Little Summer and Warm Night Rain