I remember the day that my reality shifted, a realisation that there was much more to my world than I had originally thought of. Over the next few months my life started to crumble as a new one was being founded. Looking back, it was a difficult process letting go of the life I had created, although alongside the loss, I was having experiences that in my reality were totally magickal. That process has helped me realise that the Essence of joy is an amazing catalyst to ones spiritual growth.At times I felt like a child, playing with and experiencing energy, this created tremendous excitement. It helped me through the most difficult period of my life, no matter what was happening to me within and around me, there was this feeling that I was going to be okay.
My intuition began to develop and I was beginning to trust it even more. I was experiencing meditation for the first time and felt that I had entered into a whole new world of connection. The joy that I was feeling was accelerating my spiritual awakening.Through your joyous spirit, your excitement and your childlike wonderment, you can accelerate your process of expansion. Remaining in the essence and vibration of joy is important when one is opening up to expansion and greater spiritual awareness. When you experience joy, all barriers drop, you are able to express yourself clearly and fully.  You share openly, you share with love and at times it is not even the words that are expressed and felt, it is the energy that is being expressed through you.Many worldly teachers have shared the same philosophy, follow your joy, there is great truth in this. The more aware you become of yourself and how you create your reality, the more you realise when you follow your passions, opportunities and synchronicities start to happen. Passions are those activities you love doing that makes your heart sing, filling your being with joy.  Many of us are questioning our reality, starting to get a different perspective on life and choosing now to experience life in a totally different way.

The time is now for us to follow our passions. All those that are beginning following their passions are noticing a tremendous shift in their own personal energy and development. We are in exciting times and we are beginning to witness the change outside of us, this is due to all the internal and reflective work that you have been doing on yourself. It is so important for you to look at the sacredness within yourself as then you start honouring your own process of expansion on a much deeper level.

Do activities that bring you joy, playing and having fun assists greatly in integration of spiritual energy and also helps one to remain grounded and humble. Love and blessings to you.