Service to Lightworkers

This transmission is in service to our beloved Lightworkers. To all those that are working tirelessly in raising the frequency of your and the collective energy fields. This work is in service to you, for you to remember who you are. To help you activate your connection back to Source. Our love for the work and the vibrations that flow through us is in completely in service to Divine Father, Divine Mother and Divine Life. We are in awe of our experiences and wish to share them with you. Our journey is together now, as we raise our vibrations individually, the collective field raises, when we do it together, the rate of the vibrations increases exponentially.

Lightworkers forget to replenish themselves as they are always putting others needs ahead of themselves. You know who you are,

  • Reconnecting to Source
  • Awakening to Christ Consciousness
  • Increasing your vibration
  • Remembering who you are
  • Expanding your awareness multidimensionally
  • Higher energy levels
  • Aligned energetic systems
  • Higher states of equilibrium
  • Create equilibrium
    • Balancing of your body
    • Balancing of your mind
    • Balancing of your spirit
  • Expansion of energy field
  • Receiving of love
  • Develop your connection
    • To Source
    • To Yourself
    • To all those that you have come to assist
  • In service of Divine Father, Divine Mother & Divine Life
  • Connecting to Source

  • Awakening to Christ Consciousness

Can anyone attend this course?
Yes, anyone can attend this course, no experience required in meditation, energy or channeling.

How can this course benefit me?
– Learn techniques in developing your connection to your Higher Self.
– Inner Child healing as this is one of the bridges of connecting with our Higher Self.
– Bring the magic back into your life, reignite the passion.
– Develop your intuition and train your senses.
– Become more aware of your reality and what you are experiencing.
– Learn how heal and channel guidance.
– Help you focus on your life path and journey.

How do I connect online?
You will receive a link to connect for each session. The session can be viewed live from any smart phone, tablet or computer via your internet web browser.


Course Payment

Course – £120

If you have any queries or would like to find out more about the course, you can email me at

Wishing you a loving and beautiful journey.