Vibrational Healing Group Session
Healing the Body and the Mind

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A Vibrational Healing Service for Everyone

New Moon: 8 PM SAST (South African Standard Time)
Full Moon: 8 AM SAST
Cost: Free
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Divine Brother / Sister,

Welcome to Sacred Heart Awakening 🙏🏽💖, it is an honor and a blessing to connect with you. Vibrational Healing is Universal and everyone has the ability develop this skill. The session is focused on bringing equilibrium to your body and mind by assisting you in remembering your connection with Divine Father (Electric Nature of God), Divine Mother (Magnetic Nature of God) and Divine Life (The Universal Creative Force of God).

Think of the human body as a highly advanced technology, the mind as the control center, the endocrine system as the processing centers and nervous system as the multidimensional circuitry of the body. The state of our mind vibrates into physical manifestation within the body. The body is vibrational, so pain, illnesses, traumas and all other effects that take the body out of balance can be brought back into equilibrium.

Christ Consciousness

We work with the endocrine system first and then the rest of the physical body. Through observation the electric and magnetic etheric streams of vibration will bring specific areas of your body and mind to your attention. The vibration in those spaces is then isolated and released, and a new level of relaxation is felt within the body.

You will also notice how the flow in one area of the body affects the flow in another area of the body. Once we done with the body relaxation, we then focus on quietening the mind. Then bringing your intention for the session into your mind highlights specific areas for release, once released your body experiences a new flow of energy.

With each process, you open your connection to Divine Father and Divine Mother developing your connection with Divine Life and bringing the Divine Life Force into your body. A process which you will be able to do by yourself through practice.

Your mind is incredibly powerful, you are constantly creating your reality through mental processes. Observe your space and look at what needs to be changed, then bring it into equilibrium.

Additional information  

  • Universal Equilibrium – the perfect balance between Divine Father (Divine Masculine) & Divine Mother (Divine Feminine)
    • Divine Father – Divine Intelligence (Electric nature of God)
    • Divine Mother – Divine Love (Magnetic nature of God)
    • Divine Life – Creative force of Divine Father and Divine Mother – Universal Consciousness
  • Grander detail on the above can be found in The Christ Letters which we highly recommend: Please note that this not a religious text, these teachings are available to all.  It is the raising of our awareness from ego consciousness to Christ Consciousness.
  • Our focus is to assist in bringing a state of balance to your being. We first bring the endocrine system into a state of equilibrium, we then proceed in releasing tension from the body before taking it to the next level . Look at the Endocrine System diagram, to get an understanding where the endocrine glands/organs are located in your body.
Christ Consciousness

Universal Equilibrium