Welcome to Sacred Heart Awakening, where we assist individuals seeking transformation and provide guidance to those experiencing Spiritual Awakening processes. Through my own spiritual awakening process (from computer architect to energy practitioner, meditation and transmissions trainer) I now assist others in creating accelerated change by redefining the way we look at reality, supported by focused energy transmissions to move through any limitations and create the reality that we wish to experience.

One of my programmes is called, “Moving beyond Limitation” which is a good description of what this site is all about. I had my own spiritual awakening in 2008 (read the ‘About Us’ section for more details) and now I am dedicating my life to guiding others in their own spiritual reawakening journeys. My premise is that through my teachings, I can help you become your own guiding light. You have all the power and it’s all within you. It’s just learning how to tap into it. Through your dream space, through meditation and through the regular channelled sacred transmissions I provide.  The purpose is to help others move beyond victimhood into having self-love, personal responsibility and developing personal strength.

  • Do you feel like you limit yourself? Even if you don’t know exactly how or why?
  • Do you feel that there’s something inside you that is stopping you from living a full and enriched life?
  • That no matter what you do, you keep experiencing the same patterns in life, including similar thought patterns?
  • There are many courses, meditations, transmissions and consultations on the site, which can help you move beyond your own limitations and align yourself with the life you want and are meant to be living.

As you re-tune yourself into your own higher vibrations, then your life will begin to change immeasurably. Developing our connection with our Higher Self guides us to our purpose and ultimate joy. We all have the ability to heal ourselves, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.  The tools provided here will help you develop these areas of your life as you begin to experience that you are the architect of your creations.

Wishing you a beautiful and magical journey.