Vibrational Healing Training Program
Connecting to Christ Consciousness

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This is a 6 month multidimensional self-discovery experience. The foundation of this training is The Christ Letters enhanced with Vibrational Healing practices and Universal Principles. The Christ Letters is beyond any religion and is focused on us evolving our awareness from ego consciousness to Christ Consciousness. It is an incredibly highly evolved teaching that is here for us to awaken ourselves and assist our fellow brothers and sisters.

  • Mental Alchemy – Understanding the power of your mind and how your are creating your reality. Bringing together Universal Principles and The Christ Letters to assist in the acceleration of your awareness.

  • Vibrational Healing – Developing your connection to Divine/Source. Experiencing the body not just physically but energetically as well. Releasing of pains, traumas, illnesses, addictions, pains and so much more.

  • Christ Consciousness – Learning to raise your awareness from ego consciousness to Christ Consciousness. Application of the guidance given in The Christ Letters to assist you in living your Divine Purpose.

This training is given through the vibration of Unconditional Love and we would like to show you how magical life can be. We are in a Cause & Effect Universe where our thoughts, words and actions affect our entire reality. It is now time to disconnect from all the programming within and around you by developing your connection to Divine Father, Divine Mother and Divine Life.

What can you expect for each month?

This is a 6 month training program, the core material for this program is The Christ Letters.

You can download both the audio and/or the pdf as well, and there are also extensive resources on The Christ Letters site. The other material that we will also recommend is The Kybalion which discusses the Seven Hermetic Principles.


8PM or 20h00 SAST (South African Standard Time)
For the different timezones, click the link below and choose the time:
– IST (India Standard Time)   11:30PM
– PST (Pacific Standard Time)   11AM
EST (Eastern Standard Time)   2PM
– ACDT (Australia Central Daylight Time)   3:30PM
– BST (British Standard Time)   7PM
– Other Time-zones


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May 2023Wednesday , 10th May
Introduction to Program – PDF
Session One Audio – MP3
Wednesday, 24th May
Session Two Audio – MP3
June 2023Wednesday, 14th June
Session Three Audio – MP3
Wednesday, 28th June
Session Four Audio – MP3
July 2023Wednesday, 12th July
Session Five Audio.MP3
Wednesday, 26th July
Session Six Audio.MP3
August 2023Wednesday, 9th August
Session Seven Audio.MP3
Wednesday, 23rd August
Session Eight Audio.MP3
September 2023Wednesday, 13th September
Session Nine Audio.MP3
Wednesday, 27th September
Session Ten Audio.MP3
October 2023Wednesday, 11th October
Session Eleven Audio.MP3
Wednesday, 25th October
Session Twelve Audio.MP3

8PM South African Standard Time