This has been a touchy topic for many, some believing that they have choice, others believing that they don’t and some believing they are somewhere in the middle. These questions about choice usually come into our lives when we feel that we are at a dead-end, things are stagnant, boredom begins to creep in, something being blocked or being stuck. It doesn’t really matter what the experience is but the feeling that transpires is the feeling of being trapped.

No matter which way you look, you cannot see a way out, compounded by feelings of insecurity, responsibility, guilt, fear, failure, just to name a few. The outside reality creates an illusion that you do not have a choice, but there is something within that is beating and you can feel it calling, as each day goes by, you can feel the pull getting even stronger, you don’t fully understand it, but the feeling has always been consistent, its time for a change.

Picture by S. Slade Sundar

My personal experiences on this subject has thought me so much about taking responsibility for my reality and how my choices have influenced my reality. I truly believe that we have the ability to shift our realities in ways that the mind cannot conceive. I shifted from a role as a computer architect to sharing and teaching others about etheric energy and how to use this energy to assist themselves and others. If someone told me then that I would be doing what I am doing now, I would have just laughed it off as nonsense.

When I experienced my transition, I was making choices that where even shocking to myself, sometimes it would take days to process the choice. Some close friends sat me down and shared with me that they were worried that “I had completely lost it”. This was a complete mind-shift as it shattered my reality.

For a long time I had subscribed to a system that required me to do things because everyone else was doing it. That is how I saw my world, I wanted to be a part of it and interact with it, as I had known no other way.

I share with you what I have experienced as I witness so many in this space at the moment, each and every one of us has the ability within to shift our realities. It is time to make choices in our lives when we feel the different states of our being out of balance, primarily our physical, emotional and mental states, there are others, but these are the ones we are going to concentrate on.

Picture by Dr. Steve Maraboli

The Emotional State – Emotions become erratic, we not sure what is what, feeling great one day and then feeling down the other. Sometimes feeling a flood of emotions, not sure where it is coming from. You start noticing behavioural patterns relative to the emotions such as eating, disconnection, zoning out… As soon as you start becoming aware of this, you are then able to start linking the emotions to specific situations in your life, understanding your emotions on a deeper level.

The Mental State – The mind is always the first to respond, creating this inner conflict, loads of mindless chatter, what should I do, what shouldn’t I do, its not safe to do this, I may lose this, am I being irresponsible?… If you had to step back and watch your thought processes, I recommend you find a comfortable spot, it will be as if you are watching a tennis game, the decisions first seemingly start with clarity and then become inconsistent, two polarities being experienced. The first is that “I have to do this” and the other is “I had enough of this”.

The Physical State – The experience begins to manifest into the physical body, you will become aware that specific mental or emotional patterns begin to have a direct impact on the physical body. If you are in a situation that you feel you cannot express yourself verbally or you feel that you want to say something and not sharing it, you may feel a lump or an ache on the throat area. Responsibility to people and situations reflect in heavy shoulders and pains in the shoulder areas. To name a few, loss of desire and passion, stomach cramps and pain, getting injured or sick.

The physical body, the mental body and the emotional body are all interconnected, each being an aspect of our earthly existence. This is the first phase of us understanding ourselves as multidimensional beings, when one aspect is out of balance it affects the others resulting our entire state of being becoming out of balance. We start becoming aware of the choices we make and how they influence how reality. This brings about another interesting question, how do we choose, are we making “wrong” choices, how does this align with our soul/divine purpose or path. Is out ability to choose (Free-Will) a conflict to our destiny, does Free-Will take us away from our path?

Picture by Psychic Reading Guide

Destiny vs Free-Will

I can only relate to this through my personal experiences. I believe in design, that nothing is random, there is a chosen set of experiences that will create a desired outcome. An inner calling, something that resonates with you and you begin to gravitate towards it, to me this is Destiny.

Then one would say that any choice that I would make would affect this design. The design is not affected, let me explain. Every choice that I have made, no matter how dark or crazy the outcome was, it was always tagged with an emotional response. I began using the emotional responses as my guidance system. My choices were showing me how I was navigating my reality similarly to a ship on an ocean. If I was unhappy about my direction, I would make a choice and with each choice came an adjustment, an emotional adjustment. I began seeing each choice as valid and with each experience, I began understanding more about myself on a deeper level. I started becoming intuitive, making choices that at times were difficult to rationalise.

I don’t know what my chosen path or destiny is but the one thing for sure is that I love experiencing life through freedom. Just knowing that I have the ability to choose, creates great peace within. The choices I now make are choices that allow me to express my passions and I can feel this aligning with my inner calling as this brings me great joy.

The ability to choose (free-will) gives us the experiences that will eventually gravitate to the design that one would call their destiny.


The freedom of choice can only be validated when you are willing to make the change in your reality.

The first step is to take responsibility for yourself and all that you experience.

You are NOT trapped, you have the ability within to shift your reality, no one else can make that change for you, others can share ideas and perspectives with you, ultimately the change is you. As you shift within, your perception of your reality changes and that is when you start witnessing magick in your reality.

The light shines brightly within each and every one of us, sometimes it is cloudy and we may not see the light, but always remember that it is always there and shining brightly.