The Light of the Living Shadow

To understand our shadow, we have to understand polarities. Within the polarities is the wholeness or the completeness. The Yin-Yang symbol is a beautiful and profound representation of this wholeness. Archetypes of the Yin-Yang represent: Love/Fear, Masculine/Feminine, Electric/Magnetic, Light/Darkness(Shadow), Good/Evil, Right/Wrong etc. These polarities are inherent in all of us, we are the sum of all experiences, everything. Within us exist the light and the dark, the light is all that is known to us and the dark is the shadow. The conscious and the unconscious. With all of our choices, we ‘believe’ that we are in control and making them consciously, yet there is a strong unconscious influence. These choices are influenced by undercurrents such as belief systems, society, culture [...]

A Call to Meditate

A Call to Meditate What is on my mind? Where do I start? My mind feels like a mechanical machine locked in time warp. Tick tock, tick tock, same thoughts, locked in a boundless loop. Time to break free, but where do I start? With love perhaps, letting love in. What? What is that, what does that mean, do I know what love means? Let me out of this reality, let me out of this mind, let me break free or am I just being blind. Can I experience magic, can I experience this love, am I missing something? Should I just give up? I remember a world where love was abound, where unity was the consciousness, and all was one. [...]

How to Align Ourselves to the New Frequencies of Light?

How to Align Ourselves to the New Frequencies of Light? Everyone is experiencing the new vibrational frequencies - no one is excluded. All is part of the change. Some are aware, others are not. We all are being affected, physically, mentally and emotionally. It is evident in everything around us including the collective field - we can see these changes even on a global level. For now, let us focus on ourselves; on how to align to these new frequencies of Light and ride these waves of change. I share a few concepts below. They are just different perceptions; none is meant to infringe on your free-will and anything shared can be completely dismissed. These perspectives have brought me great inner [...]

To Meditate or Not to Meditate

QUESTION: When we meditate, are we sometimes just not being lazy. ie do I do the dishes or sit an meditate? If I meditate I don't have to do any chores…. We should not see meditation as a task, meditation is that time, that moment where we actually take time out from all our tasks and make time for ourselves. Something to remember: If we look at the way we have been brought up, our culture, our society, our schooling, influences from our elders and parents. We were consistently told to be the best that we could be, it didn’t matter what the focus was, we just had to be the best at it. Look at our careers, it is exactly [...]

Receiving Guidance

QUESTION: I don't understand how we can work towards the believe that we will find answers when we meditate. so many people pray and don’t receive messages, guidance or see a difference. How can we know we are working towards our goals? Meditation like anything else, to be an adept, one has to practice. For a busy mind, this can be a very difficult process in the beginning. We have been conditioned by everything outside of us to be busy, in continuous action mode. Some would even say if we are not busy, we are wasting precious valuable time. This is the nature of the world around us, we can choose to be swept into this current, be taken by these waves [...]

Higher Self

At the beginning I always struggled with connection as I didn’t know what or whom to connect to.  It wasn’t easy trusting the guidance received as there was so much change and turmoil during that time.  I needed an outlet, so I decided to do yoga.  One night after my yoga practice, i went into meditation, this meditation was very different from any of the other experiences that I have had.  I usually true colour, high definition, it was supremely real.  Within my inner vision, I saw an image, then I realised it was active, there was light pulsing from it.   It was a shape, absolutely perfect, it was crystal clear and emanating a beautiful golden yellow colour.  The shapes sides [...]

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