QUESTION: I don’t understand how we can work towards the believe that we will find answers when we meditate. so many people pray and don’t receive messages, guidance or see a difference. How can we know we are working towards our goals?

Meditation like anything else, to be an adept, one has to practice. For a busy mind, this can be a very difficult process in the beginning. We have been conditioned by everything outside of us to be busy, in continuous action mode. Some would even say if we are not busy, we are wasting precious valuable time. This is the nature of the world around us, we can choose to be swept into this current, be taken by these waves and drown in the world of distraction.


Meditation helps us to get back to our core, our roots. It is not an easy process breaking away from a collective pattern or energy system. Everything seems to be going in one direction and here you are telling yourself, I choose to take another. This is a process, and the process of connecting to yourself, it is a process to change your reality. If everything had to change instantaneously, the likelihood is that you would probably go into shock and then completely loose it.

When one starts connecting internally, this happens through meditation, one then begins to notice shifts in their physical reality. This is only possible because one slows down to see the signs, the symbols and the messages being presented to them in physical reality. When one is too busy, it is very easy to miss these signs.

So what are these signs!!!
This is the reflection of your core essence, the Higher Self, guiding you all of the time, not 99%, all of the time. The reflection can only happen with Higher Self, have you ever considered what is doing the reflection in your reality. We take so much for granted, sometimes just accepting things as they are, and not understanding the underlying principles and possibilities. Most people are searching for their Spirit, although their Spirit had been with them all of the time.

We are getting messages all of the time, not just in prayer or meditation. Our focus is usually elsewhere, the mind too distracted and we miss these messages. Meditation helps in slowing down the mind, letting go of the mind, then we become more aware of our surroundings, more in tune with our reality and we start noticing the messages. This guidance comes in so many way, here are some examples:

  • You wake up in the morning with an idea in your mind. On the way to the office, you see a massive sign on a bus or billboard expressing your idea.
  • You planning on taking a vacation to a specific place, during the day you have two or three different encounters telling you how amazing this place is without you sharing your vacation with anyone.
  • You become aware of numbers and patterns in your space, you experience a specific thought (something that you are truly passionate about) and then you see 777 appearing in front of you. You associate these numbers as definite time to take action.

The messages are the signs, they have always been there, we just have to notice them. Now we have to develop and trust our inner guidance as we open connection to Spirit. This opening only happens when

The Higher Self
We are not just physical beings in a physical reality, our core nature is spiritual, an inner knowing, an inner sense, an inner connection. This is not related to any of the physical senses like sight, touch, smell, taste or hearing. This sense is much deeper, non-physical in nature, also known as the sixth sense. There is so much more to this, that it is sometimes had for us to accept that we may even have these capabilities.

The Higher Self, your connection to Spirit is the other half of you. Together with the physical self, this connection can shift your reality in so many ways, opens you up to new levels of experience, you start experiencing life in a very different way. Life doesn’t become a struggle anymore, it becomes a journey. One finds strength in their own being as they develop their connection with their Higher Self. Obstacles become lessons and deep understandings, patterns breaks, we become responsible for our life and life becomes brighter and peaceful.

More information on the Higher Self will be shared in another post.

If we are working towards our goal in the present, we feel the excitement associated to it. If there is no excitement and it begins to feel like a chore, we have to relook at our goal and refocus on what it is that we truly wish to experience. Joy and excitement is a great indicator in understanding if we are getting closer to our goals or not.


QUESTION: When so many religious people spend so much time in prayer and although they might have inner peace through prayer they may have little outcome and their lives are just the same as before?

This is purely a matter of perspective, when one finds inner peace, the changes are all internal first before being reflected into their external reality. The behaviours of these individuals change greatly, it all resonates to quality of life, and this is different for each individual. Inner peace cannot be shared through logical explanation, it is an inner sensory experience.

Our understanding of life keeps changing as we get older, we become spiritually mature, you would also notice how your priorities begin to change the older you get. This all part of our experience of life. Change is always happening, the only difference is some of aware of the change and other not.

Love ♡