QUESTION: When we meditate, are we sometimes just not being lazy. ie do I do the dishes or sit an meditate? If I meditate I don’t have to do any chores….

We should not see meditation as a task, meditation is that time, that moment where we actually take time out from all our tasks and make time for ourselves.


Something to remember: If we look at the way we have been brought up, our culture, our society, our schooling, influences from our elders and parents. We were consistently told to be the best that we could be, it didn’t matter what the focus was, we just had to be the best at it. Look at our careers, it is exactly the same, it didn’t matter what job or role you stepped into, you had to perform and times over perform.

All of this is all externally focused, keeping the mind busy, keeping the mind in action mode. Sometimes even when you are resting, you are busy thinking, mind is so busy; thinking what is next, thinking about tomorrow; thinking about the future; thinking about responsibilities…

The mind believes that its meant to busy all the time, and this one of the greatest illusions of our time.

We can put ourselves very quickly out of balance if we become too action driven, this is part of our electric nature also known as the masculine energy. We can get stressed out, depressed and even ill from exhaustion, the body tires and the end result the body shuts down, taking the rest it needs. Bringing itself back to its equilibrium to repeat the process all over again.

Meditation helps us find our receptive side, our magnetic nature, being able to drawn things towards us, energise ourselves from inside out, slow down our mind and to develop our non-physical senses. It gives us acknowledgement, courage and strength from within. Great inner peace and stillness.

There should be a balance between meditation and action, a balance with being electric and magnetic. We are spiritual beings living in a physical reality, we don’t have to try to be spiritual, we already are. So, spending time meditating, will connect you to your core essence, something that most have forgotten. We bring this form of being and energy in our actions and it begins to radiate out into our daily life. In other words, meditation can assist us greatly in creating clarity and focus in our lives, bring value to our actions and enjoying every bit of it.

With meditation, chores do not seem as chores anymore.

Love ♡