A Call to Meditate

What is on my mind? Where do I start? My mind feels like a mechanical machine locked in time warp. Tick tock, tick tock, same thoughts, locked in a boundless loop. Time to break free, but where do I start? With love perhaps, letting love in. What? What is that, what does that mean, do I know what love means?

Let me out of this reality, let me out of this mind, let me break free or am I just being blind. Can I experience magic, can I experience this love, am I missing something? Should I just give up? I remember a world where love was abound, where unity was the consciousness, and all was one.

What are these words, where are they from? Am I so locked in a world, that I am truly numb? The play of these words seem like a whole load of fun, the meaning is deeper and I know I am not dumb.

Where do I look, am I frighten to see, is there a monster within that is a reflection of me? Call out to love, my heart aches, feeling the support of the journey to take.

Time to get ready, time to dive in and truly start to uncover what love truly means.