Private Sessions

Moving Beyond Limitation Package – Aang Aakha

There are times in our lives where we sometimes come face to face with strong challenges. Feeling stuck and not having the ability to move forward, not sure which direction to take, feeling depressed, feeling alone or even being consumed by illness. Sometimes we also feel the desire to connect with our Soul or Spirit, develop our intuition, expand our consciousness or open our hearts to the greater essence of Love.

Are you ready to:

Step through limitation?
Experience love and self-love?
Let go off limiting patterns or beliefs?
Release trauma or an illness?
Accelerate your awareness and develop your spiritual connection?
Understand your reality and your part in it?

Aligning to your True Potential – Ilona Machaj & Aang Aakha

If you have an inner yearning to find out more about your true essence, create a life aligned with your purpose, express and share your gifts, and shift through limiting patterns and beliefs then this combined session is for you.

Together we bring you a powerful combination of tools in creating accelerated transformation, shifting you through limitations and awakening you to your true nature. In this transformative experience, you will reawaken your memory, reaffirm your soul’s purpose, expand your understanding of reality and develop a freedom of expression as you move through your limits and open up to your gifts.

It has – without doubt – been one of the most profound spiritual experiences in my life! My deepest gratitude, Aang & Vaz, for the very intense and beautiful personal healing – for creating such a magical and peaceful space (a true healing temple!)
Aang is an amazingly spiritual developed person with passion to heal and share his skills. I’ve been very lucky to have the Gaia Love Activation with Aang as my life has been enhanced with spiritual connection and knowledge. It has been a very deep and wonderful experience thank you to Aang’s wisdom. My heart and my connection with the universe has been opened and I feel the love around me
I saw Aang for energy healing as I had been diagnosed with chronic fatigue otherwise known as m.e. My energy levels had been very low for 13 years. Within 2 to 3 seconds of Aang concentrating on energy healing for me, I knew my exhaustion levels had vastly improved. I don’t know how I knew but I just did. Logically, my brain couldn’t compute this instantaneous healing but thankfully the cells in my body were ready for it. Aang as an energy healer is the real deal and I am so glad that I met him. He was a pivotal turning point for me and as a result my life and wellness improved greatly.