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If you have an inner yearning to find out more about your true essence, create a life aligned with your purpose, express and share your gifts, and shift through limiting patterns and beliefs then this combined session is for you.

Together we bring you a powerful combination of tools in creating accelerated transformation, shifting you through limitations and awakening you to your true nature. In this transformative experience, you will reawaken your memory, reaffirm your soul’s purpose, expand your understanding of reality and develop a freedom of expression as you move through your limits and open up to your gifts.

Soul Realignment Reading (Akashic Records) – Ilona 

Session Duration: 60-80 minutes

A Soul Reading will point you in the direction of your soul gifts and help you find the action steps you can start taking right away to transform your life. In this reading you will receive:

  • Clearer understanding of who you are  at soul level- know more about your true Self, your talents, gifts, life lessons in this life and Soul characteristics.
  • Learn, heal and clear away negative blocks, influences, connections and karma that are stopping you from living the life you want to be living. Stop making the same mistakes, attracting the same negative people, reliving the same negative actions and start embracing the divine being you are meant to be!
  • Clearing work in your Akashic Records is done prior to the session, creating a vibrational shift enabling you to step more fully and confidently to create the life you desire.
  • When the blocks are cleared, new doors open, creativity and options you hadn’t thought of before arrive… and it becomes easier to take the courageous steps necessary to transform your life.

If you would like to learn more about Soul Realignment Reading click here


Accelerated Transformation Session & Transmission – Aang

Session Duration: 60 minutes

  • Consultation  
    • Help you understand your reality and experiences through reflection, a deeper understanding of shadow aspects and you being the architect of your reality.
    • Look into current limitations / patterns, re-defining them from a different perspective and start the process in releasing them energetically.
  • Focused Energy Transmission
    • A introduction into your subtle energy bodies and how to connect and experience your own energetic field.
    • A personal Focused Energy Transmission reawakening and reconnecting to your Authentic Self. Working through the subtle energy bodies and physical body in raising your energetic frequency releasing patterns and limitations. Accelerate and integrate the energy experience from the Akashic Records.
    • The transmissions are exceptionally transformative and are tangibly experienced as they re-energise and strengthen your energy field.
    • These transmissions are multidimensional in nature, assisting with advanced healing, balancing and clearing.

Ξ This is the perfect choice if:

  •  You would like to know what your Soul gifts are.
  •  You’ve ever felt like there’s something you should be doing in your life, and have no idea what it is?
  •  You are confused to why things aren’t working out for you or why everything seems like a challenge.
  •  You have already done a lot of (healing) work on yourself, and there is still a feeling of being stuck.
  •  You want to create more fulfilment, joy, and ease in your life.
  •  Certain areas of your life are playing out with repeating patterns and circumstances.
  • You feel as if manifesting your goals and intentions is proving to be much more challenging than you thought it would be

Ξ Investment

  • £250 for Combined Sessions.
  • All Sessions are Prepaid Only. 
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Ξ Session Scheduling

  • On completion of payment, please fill in the Session Form to schedule 1st appointment.
  • The Akashic Reading is done prior to 1st appointment and will be scheduled within 1 to max 2 weeks from payment date.
  • The second appointment will be scheduled one week after the 1st appointment.