Spiritual Alchemy
Know Yourself


  • South Africa – 6th January 2020, 8pm SAST
  • Europe – 7th January 2020, 8pm BST

Duration: 3 months
Investment: £600 (£220 per month via three installments)

Information: Schedule will be emailed to interested participants. All groups are limited to six participants for individual focus focus and attention.

This new program is for those that are ready for their next step. Those who have searched and now realise that the only person that can give them the answers that they seek is within themselves. Only you know who you are, the architect of your reality. Spiritual Alchemy is inward focused, in understanding oneself through multidimensional awareness. Your physical reality is a reflection of your inner world, which directly affects the way you experience it. Through the program you will experience the following:

  • Knowledge – Increased awareness in understanding oneself and their creative processes

  • Love – Expanding heart consciousness through wisdom

  • Power – Self-empowerment through love and wisdom

Spiritual Alchemy is the union of the divine masculine and the divine feminine; the synergy of the divine mind and the divine heart, the balance of the electric and magnetic forces within. The program will assist you in looking inward using a multidimensional approach. In the three-month program, you will see yourself in a clarity that you have not experienced before. With multidimensional awareness, the improbable becomes possible; our senses heighten, our dream world evolves, the nature of our reality changes.

The purpose of this experiential program is to evolve ourselves. With increased energy, motivation and clarity; focus becomes easier in creating the physical reality one chooses to experience.

The core is for you to understand how your mental and emotional space affects your reality, through experience you will start the process of mastering your mind and heart. As you focus on yourself, you begin to see yourself from a new perspective. You then start to break through the barriers and restrictions of your mind. The tools, techniques and knowledge shared in the program assist you in evolving your awareness to a whole new level.

  • Monthly 1-to-1 Private Session – Personal Progress & Spiritual Alchemy Private Transmission

  • Two Online Sessions per month – Spiritual Alchemy Transmissions, Awareness Discussion and Q&A

  • Tools, Techniques & Materials

Community – Creating an open and safe space for you to connect and share.

Support – When you are breaking through the barriers and restrictions of the mind, it can be a disrupting process; having support makes the process much more comfortable and faster.


Complete Payment

One of Payment – £600

Monthly Payment

3 Monthly Payments – £220

If you have any queries or would like to find out more about the program, you can email me at info@sacredheartawakening.com or contact me on WhatsApp.

Wishing you a loving and beautiful journey.