Shamanic Ceremonial Journeying & Healing


  • 6th August 2022 (Randburg, South Africa)
  • 12th August 2022, (Randburg, South Africa)
  • 2nd September 2022, (Randburg, South Africa)
  • 10th September 2022, (Randburg, South Africa)

We are 

Retreat Details

  • Dates:  4th – 12th November 2019
  • Duration: 9 Days
    • Check-in: 4th November 2019
    • Check-out: 12th November 2019
  • Cost: £1100
    • £400 deposit secures space
    • The balance of payment to be deposited by 30th September 2019
  • Includes
    • Transportation to and from Iquitos Airport to Retreat Center
    • Accommodation (shared accommodation, see below)
    • Food (Meals limited to 2 meals on ceremonial days) – Suggested special diet (2 weeks before retreat)
    • 4 Ayahuasca Ceremonies
    • Energy Transmission and Energy Healing during Ceremony
    • Drinking of Medicinal Plants
    • 3 Group Energy Healing and Transmissions
    • Individual Counselling / Guidance Session
    • 2 Flower Baths
    • 1 Steam Bath
    • Teachings of plant medicine, icaros (sacred shamanic songs), preparation of ayahuasca
    • Indigenous Tribe Tour
  • Excludes
    • Airfare
    • Insurance
  • Location
    • Iquitos, Peru
    • Retreat Center: Spiritual Dimensions
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The Retreat Center

Spiritual Dimensions is situated a half hour boat ride from Iquitos to a popular village on the Rio Nanay called “Padre Cocha”. From there, the centre is a half hour walk, and what was initially a footpath has been transformed into a road, enabling the motorcars to take you (and your luggage) right inside the centre.

We have now nine beautiful independent ‘tambos’ (5m by 4m), all with two beds (except one with three beds) all with private bathroom, mosquito net and a storage cabinet and table.

The creek – In the hot hours, it is nice to sit down by the creek or swim in it to refresh a little. Moving water has a very powerful effect on the Ayahuasca ceremonies because the element of Water is in profound synergy with the Vine, so we thought that having this little creek was a double blessing!

Showers – We are very proud to announce that we now have two large showers. The jungle life is all well, but it’s nice to have the choice between bathing in the river or going back to the little western things we find so difficult to give up!

Our ‘malloca’ ceremonial – The energies are connected, the concentration enhanced. Screened by mosquito nets, equipped with mattresses, blankets and bathrooms, it is a safe and comfortable environment where you can live your ayahuasca experience in total peace and comfort.

Retreat Program

  • Day 1
    • Collection from Iquitos airport and transport to our retreat space – Spiritual Dimensions.
    • Welcome dinner
  • Day 2
    • Morning Breakfast
    • Group Circle
    • Explanation of the various medicinal plants (chiri sanango, ajos sacha, guayusa , bobinsana, chacruna, ayahuasca).
    • Preparation for the evening ayahuasca ceremony
    • Lunch
    • Afternoon free to relax or swim in the pond
    • 8 pm: meeting in the casa ceremonial for the first ayahuasca ceremony.
  • Day 3
    • Morning Breakfast
    • Group Circle – discussion about the first ayahuasca experience (explanation of visions) 
    • baño de flores (flower bath) 
    • Lunch 
    • Afternoon: Demonstration of the preparation of ayahuasca 
    • Dinner 
    • Group Energy Healing or Transmission
  • Day 4 
    • Morning Breakfast 
    • Group Circle
    • Baño de vapor (steam bath) 
    • Teaching of the icaros 
    • Lunch 
    • Afternoon free to rest for the second ayahuasca ceremony 
    • 8 pm: second ayahuasca ceremony in the casa ceremonial 
  • Day 5 
    • Morning Breakfast
    • Group Circle
    • Consult with the shaman, plant collection for the second baño de flores, plant preparation. 
    • Lunch
    • Afternoon: Walk in the forest to know the plants, baño de flores (flowerbath) 
    • Dinner 
    • Group Energy Healing or Transmission
  • Day 6 
    • Morning Breakfast
    • Group Circle
    • Teaching of icaros and preparation of the shacapa baño de flores 
    • Lunch 
    • Afternoon free to rest in preparation for the third ayahuasca ceremony 
    • 8pm: third ayahuasca ceremony in the casa ceremonial 
  • Day 7 
    • Morning Breakfast 
    • Group Circle
    • Tour to the indigenous tribes Boras and Yaguas. 
    • Lunch 
    • Afternoon: Meeting in the malloca ceremonial for consultation with the shaman. Teaching lesson about plants with the shaman 
    • Dinner 
    • Group Energy Healing or Transmission
  • Day 8 
    • Morning Breakfast 
    • Group Circle
    • Drinking of medicinal plants. (This is optional, as the plants need to be drunk on an empty stomach, so if you have had breakfast you will not be able to drink the plant). 
    • Lunch
    • Afternoon free to rest for the fourth ayahuasca ceremony. 
    • 8 pm: meeting in the maloca for the fourth ayahuasca ceremony. 
  • Day 9 
    • Morning: Breakfast
    • Group Circle
    • Tranport to Iquitos , tour in Iquitos (Pasaje Paquito, Belem Market, La Casa de Fierro, etc). 
    • Transport back to Iquitos Airport

Recommended Packing List

  • Notebook or Journal
  • Water Bottle
  • Headlamp (including a dim red light for ceremonies)
  • Light rain jacket or Anorak
  • Quick drying clothes (t-shirts and shorts) for daytime
  • Comfortable clothes (keep you warm) for ceremonies and evenings
  • 1 or 2 loose long sleeve shirts & pants to help against insects (mosquitos)
  • Light dresses
  • Cap or hat, sunglasses to protect against sun 
  • Towel
  • Sandals / Flipflops
  • Lightweight hiking shoes preferred
  • Bathing suit
  • Organic Toiletries
  • Organic Insect Repellent
  • Sunscreen (30+ SPF Recommended)
  • Small first aid kit for cuts and bug bites
  • Ziplock bags to protect belongings from high humidity
  • Reading material if you wish

Ayahuasca Diet Preparation

Most Ayahuasca diets are recommendations to participants to have deeper and richer experiences during the ceremony. It is important to prepare your state of being for this sacred experience. In preparation of the body and the mind, we are able to experience even deeper states of consciousness and a powerful retreat experience.

Diet (2 weeks before)

  • Avoid sugar or sweeteners
  • No Dairy
  • No caffeine
  • Avoid salts
  • Avoid pork and red meat
  • Avoid canned meats & fish
  • No fermented food
  • No fried food 
  • No spicy food
  • No alcohol or drugs
  • Avoid fluoride toothpaste
  • Avoid nuts closer to the retreat

External Influences

  • No sexual contract – preferably a week before, during and after the ceremony. Energy is shared during sexual contact. Abstinence helps in creating a space that is dedicated to your personal healing and transformation. Also, abstinence helps in transforming your energy into a powerful healing process.
  • No drugs – this includes all recreational drugs including marijuana, mushrooms, ecstasy etc. Also including anti-depressants. 
  • Music, Reading and Viewing- read/listen/watch media that is harmonic, exciting, joyful and high vibrational, anything that is harmonic to your state of being.
  • Try to spend time with yourself and connect to your intentions for coming to the retreat. This alone can be a very powerful experience for you, bringing realisations to your awareness in your stillness.

Retreat Facilitator & Shaman

Aang Govender
Aang GovenderEnergy Practitioner / Architect
Aang experienced a rapid spiritual awakening in 2008, and since he has been sharing the dynamics and the application of energy as teacher and facilitator. The transformation from computer architect to spiritual architect helped him to articulate the field of energy that he experiences and teaches.

Aang loves working with individuals of all ages from all walks, with a particular interest in the heart field and the development of the creative mind. He assists in creating accelerated change by redefining and restructuring the way we look at our reality. Individuals experience a tangible flow of energy within their physical bodies working on multidimensional levels.

He is also a Starseed, working with his Guides, our Galactic Family and many beings of Light in creating a future based on love, harmony, and service. He is the founder of Sacred Heart Awakening and co-founder of One Love One Heart.

Sharon Venketsamy
Sharon VenketsamyShaman of Sacred Heart Awakening