Gaia Love Activations: Awakening Your Gifts

Join us for two beautiful and heartfelt Activations with our beloved Earth Mother Gaia.  These powerful activations bring you feeling of being more present in your body, focused and most importantly, awakening to your Gifts that you hold deep within your heart.

As we each ground our energies into the present and awaken to the love and joy within us, the changes we experience individually and collectively is beyond words.

Our planet Gaia is known to be a living library, storing knowledge, light and wisdom across time and space. Within her Light, she holds records of our experiences past, future and present, across all timelines.  You will be held in her love while she activates your energy centres to bring forth your abilities, skills and mastery aligned to your Soul Path.
The Gaia Love Activations consist of the following processes and is overseen by the Radiance of Love from our Beloved Earth Mother – Gaia
  • Connecting and opening the Channels of Light to Mother Gaia
  • Clearing and cleansing of your physical and energetic bodies
  • Aligning of physical and energy bodies for the preparation of the energy download – Grounding Activation
  • Opening of the Heart to receive the Awakening Your Gifts Activation

“I personally hold this activation/attunement very dear to my heart as it was the first tangible energetic attuning experience that I had during my awakening process.  This has shown me that there is so much more to life than I actually realised started me on a journey of remembrance and discovery.” Aang