Moving Beyond Limitation
Aang Aakha

There are times in our lives where we sometimes come face to face with strong challenges. Feeling stuck and not having the ability to move forward, not sure which direction to take, feeling depressed, feeling alone or even being consumed by illness. Sometimes we also feel the desire to connect with our Soul or Spirit, develop our intuition, expand our consciousness or open our hearts to the greater essence of Love.

Are you ready for Change?

Moving beyond limitation
Experience the loving relationship that you deserve
Releasing limiting patterns or beliefs
Accepting the light of your shadow
Creating an abundant life
Letting go of trauma and illnesses
Accelerate your awareness and develop your spiritual connection

These sessions are designed to show you that you do have the potential to move through these limitations and to lift your consciousness to new heights. Creating a new outlook on life as if you looking at the world through a fresh set of lenses. The sessions also develop your connection to your energy body, bringing to you tangible experiences of the flow of energy within your body. Sensing the energy, feeling energy and strengthening your energy field.

The Moving Beyond Limitation sessions are multidimensional in nature:

  • Breaking the boundaries of your mind
  • Experiencing and opening up to love / self-love
  • Letting go of limiting patterns or beliefs
  • Shifting through depression and expressing love
  • Healing and moving through traumas and illnesses
  • Accelerating awareness and spiritual understanding
  • Understanding reflection and our connection to Creation
  • Connecting to the Higher Realms and developing intuition

Ξ Moving Beyond Limitation Sessions

The Moving Beyond Limitation Package includes:

  • 30 Minute Tune-in

Tuning into your energy field before the session. Creating connection and scanning your energy field in preparing the space energetically for the Focused Energy Transmission.

  • 60 Minute Session
    • Consultation  
      • Help you understand your reality and experiences through reflection, a deeper understanding of shadow aspects and you being the architect of your reality.
      • Look into current limitations / patterns, re-defining them from a different perspective and start the process in releasing them energetically.
    • Focused Energy Transmission
      • A introduction into your subtle energy bodies and how to connect and experience your own energetic field.
      • A personal Focused Energy Transmission reawakening and reconnecting to your Authentic Self. Working through the subtle energy bodies and physical body in raising your energetic frequency releasing patterns and limitations. 
      • The transmissions are exceptionally transformative and are tangibly experienced as they re-energise and strengthen your energy field.
      • These transmissions are multidimensional, assisting with advanced healing, balancing and clearing.
  • 30 Minute Follow-up

This session will be scheduled for a week after the scheduled session. Tuning again into your energy field, reconnecting, scanning and strengthening your energy field.

Ξ Investment

  • £110 for all three sessions.
  • All sessions are prepaid only. 

30% Discount on 1st Session