System Requirements
for Online Courses:

Live Streaming
Light Transmissions

Any smart device or web browser. You will be able to access the webinars through your mobile phones, tablets or computers.

Good Internet Connection

Our Online Courses feature streaming video and audio that requires a good internet connection.

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The teachings, the transmissions and processes applied allows the participant to experience life in a whole new way, seeing connection through all experiences. Awakening to higher aspects of love and developing deep peace, opening ones awareness to reflection and the integration of both the shadow and light aspects. Developing their energetic centres, enhancing their intuition bringing focused action into shifting behaviors, patterns or beliefs that limits their potential.

This program is designed to assist the participants in creating an accelerated shift in perception and awareness. We are constantly creating moment by moment, our inner world reflecting our beliefs, our emotions and connection into our physical world. This process happens consciously and unconsciously, creating experiences that we either love or fear. Most are unaware of this amazing mechanism and the core of this program is to show you how to use this simple reflection mechanism as a guide to create a reality that brings you abundance in its many forms including joy, peace and love.

These practical processes allows one to see the shifts as they move through the challenges of everyday life, expanding and developing their connection to a higher awareness. It does not matter what the limitation is, whether you experiencing indecisiveness, feeling stuck or blocked, unable to connect, not sure which direction to take, suffering from illness, depression, etc.


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There is one primary exercise and 5 secondary exercises that will be practiced during the course of the program with specific focus on developing the different aspects of self and reprogramming ones view on reality:

  • Primary Exercise
    • The Reflective Reality
      • Trusting and developing intuition
      • Accepting all aspects of self (including our Shadow)
    • Meditation
  •  Secondary Exercises
    • Programming the Intention
    • Developing our Capacity to Love
    • Developing Confidence
    • Practicing Positivity and Patience
    • Opening Oneself to New Possibilities
    • Developing Focus and Action


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  • A Journal – To journal all your experiences during the program, this includes experiences through reflection, interactions, transmissions, dream space etc.
  • Small A5 Book – To crystallise you intention for the program, this includes both the primary and secondary intentions.
  • Bowl of salt water for each session – Allows for the absorption of negative energies that released during the sessions. The water can be returned back to the earth at the end of the session.
  • White Candle – I recommend lighting a white candle at the beginning of each session, creating your sacred space for the session.[/stbpro]