Development Program

Sacred Heart Awakening creates a safe space for you to transform whatever issue is affecting your personal, spiritual or professional life. Although we will have specific goals to accomplish, my role will also assist in creating a relationship, that goes beyond these boundaries to include matters of self-empowerment, self-confidence, balance, understanding ones reality and how your internal world affects the different aspects (personal, spiritual, professional… ) of your life.

To assist you in Empowering Yourself, to integrate your Inner Guidance and to illuminate your Inner Core

Outline of Program

  • Two / Three Month Programs
  • Two / Four sessions a month
    • Each session is 60 minutes
    • Sharing of experiences as each experience is valid an has a wealth of information about yourself
    • A different perspective on experiences aligned to mentoring objectives
    • Guidance to assist in aligning to mentoring objectives and exercises to assist with the alignment
    • Each session is energetic in nature primarily for balancing the following energies
      • Masculine & Feminine
      • Electric & Magnetic
      • Mental & Creative
    • Channeling of Universal Light to assist in alignment to your Authentic Self
      • Honoring Yourself & Connecting with your Intuition
      • Reprogramming Limiting Beliefs
      • Shifting Patterns / Addictions
  • One hour Mobile / Telephonic Support

Mentoring Packages

per month

  • Commitment
    3 Months
  • Sessions
    2 x 60 minute
  • Additional Support
    60 minutes

per month

  • Commitment
    2 Months
  •  Sessions
    4 x 60 minute
  •  Additional Support
    60 minutes