Magnetic Healing
A Systematic Approach in Healing the Body


    Investment: £150

    Information: Program and venue will be emailed to interested participants and the size of the group is limited to twelve participants.

    A massive change is happening on a planetary level, all are experiencing it, and we can no longer deny it. Our weather systems have changed; we can see a shift in the political climate; the temperature of the planets in our solar system have increased. Even time as we know it has changed, everything feels very accelerated now. If we are experiencing change all around us on such a massive scale, it is without a doubt that we as individuals, are also undergoing a powerful internal transformation. This is the shift in awareness, we are opening to a greater understanding of life, not just if everything is okay, starting to question our reality and evaluate our experiences.

    The workshop is a catalyst in assisting one to analyse, understand and re-evaluate their own reality matrix. No-one knows yourself better than you do. YOU know all the aspects and roles that you ‘play ‘including the beautiful, the ugly and ‘everything ‘in between. Learn and experience the energetics behind the of ideas, beliefs and patterns and how we can then transform them.

    We create consciously and unconsciously; we look at some of our experiences and wonder… Did I create that experience, event?

    A Science to Awareness workshop is designed to help you to see yourself both internally and externally, for you to realise the relationship of your internal landscape to your external experiences and creations.
    Observation is crucial in helping us evolve our awareness. Our entire outlook to life has been built on the foundation of how well we relate to our external reality. Our relationship to our parents, friends, family, home, culture, religion, education, money, career, business and technology.

    There are many more factors and this process defined us as individuals, creating our belief systems on how we view our reality. All these relationships influence us on three core levels; they affect us mentally, emotionally and physically.

    Energetically we refer to our mental body, our emotional body and our physical body. Observing oneself on these three levels of awareness, enable us in mastering our reality as these create the foundation of how we perceive our world.

    I noticed a gap in human spiritual development that I believe requires immediate addressing: Development of the mental space is a crucial factor as it creates the foundation for the manifestations in our physical plane.

    There has been a high degree of focus in awakening the heart space and expression of feelings while becoming more connected to the emotional body. This is important and will continue to assist in the evolution of individuals and collectively as a species. If we are looking for tangible shift in the creation and the manifestation of the reality that we wish to experience, we must bring our focus to our mental states.

    The workshop space is created for you to:
    ① Awaken your awareness to this three-fold state of being.
    ② Receive knowledge and techniques in working with and changing mental, emotional and physical states.
    ③ Consciously become the observer and observed.
    ④ Experience an energetic space created for you to explore yourself energetically.
    ⑤ Evolve yourself to a greater understanding on how you create and manifest your life.
    ⑥ Have a Spiritual Alchemy Transmission – enhanced personalised energy session in alignment to your intention for participating in the workshop; alchemical transformation of energy hindrances within your energy bodies.

    Becoming aware of our different states and using them as a tool to understand and create, assist us in breaking through the fears that prevent us from expressing our freedom.

    The principles of the workshop are based on the ancient knowledge of Hermetics, brought to our world by the Greek god Hermes Trismegistus also known as the Thoth, the Egyptian god of Wisdom.

    Looking forward to connecting to you at the workshop. This workshop will be for a maximum of 12 participants; enabling a more interactive approach for all participants including the individualized Spiritual Alchemy Transmissions.


    If you have any queries or would like to find out more about the workshop, you can email me at

    Wishing you a loving and beautiful shift to your awareness.