“Joy is the greatest accelerator for integration and
transformation of Universal Life Force energy
.” – Kuthumi

Inner Child Healing

Inner Child Healing are sessions that are focused in releasing blockages, fears and emotional trauma that have prevented you from moving forward or from creating loving and peaceful relationships. If you experiencing anxiety or fear of the unknown, this is the recommended session for you.

These sessions assist in changing your outlook on reality as you release and unlock repressed emotions, anxiety and fears. These are some of the benefits of the session.

  • Connecting more with your Inner Child, becoming more joyful, fun and creative. Awakening your Divine Right of expressing your individuality and potentials.
  • Believing in yourself, increased inner strength, self confidence and passion. Giving you that extra nudge to bring your dreams into reality.
  • Increasing your capacity to love, healing the wounded child with, becoming more courageous and the fears begin to diminish.
  • Becoming more healthy and vibrant, letting go of worry and concern, becoming more relaxed.
  • Releasing of childhood traumas, creating harmonious and loving relationships with others including yourself.
  • Drawing to you relationships that are more supportive and loving.
  • Increasing your awareness on how you see reality where you become the focal point, showing you what you believe about yourself actually creates.
  • A tangible energetic experience, showing you that you are so much more to whom you are, that you have the ability to feel and connect with energy.

? Session Rates

  • £70 per hour

? Session Delivery

In Person Sessions

Clients are contacted with details once appointment has been made.

Remote Sessions

Sessions are held through telephonic or electronic communication such as Skype or Google Video.