Equinox Transmission – Celestial Harmonising


 Connecting to Higher Self

Higher Self Podcast and Transmission

Interviewed by Steve Nobel about the importance of connecting with your Higher Self. This podcast includes a meditation-transmission to help you connect with your Higher Self. 

Multidimensional Transmissions

Multidimensional  Podcast and Transmission

Interviewed by Steve Nobel on the understanding of Multidimensional Transmissions including a transmission to connect to your Multidimensional Essence. 

Meditations & Transmissions

Healing and Energy

Loving the Inner Child

Allow yourself to feel and embrace your multidimensionality as you tune into your energies to assist in the healing, caring and loving of your Inner Child.

Expanding the Energy Field

This session is focused on expanding your energy field, feeling the energy and then focusing it on yourself for healing and balancing before focusing the energy on the collective field.

Pillar of Light 


Pillar of Light

Multidimensional Selves Attunement 

Youtube Video

This attunement is for the spiritual explorer who desires to integrate their being and access greater levels of cosmic wisdom and awareness. Ultimately it is for anyone who wishes to experience and radiate a frequency of Love and Light.

Lions Gate 888 Activation

SoundCloud MP3 Download

The number 8 represents the infinity symbol, our conscious connection will the All of Creation. Our connection in infinite directions of time and space and on all infinite levels of our being.