Activation: Third Eye Awakening

Come and experience a focused channelled activation in opening the Third Eye (Ajna/6th Chakra), the seat of your Inner Vision.  Learn how to decalcify the pineal gland and different processes to exercise the Third Eye.

The third eye, the sixth or ajna chakra is known as the inner eye.  It gives us access beyond time and space and is the source of our perception beyond our ordinary sight.  Some refer to the third eye as the Seat of the Soul, other traditions refer to it as the gateway into the inner realms, a portal into higher states of consciousness.

Image by Olga Kuczer
When the third eye is fully activated, it is said that the mind becomes completely in sync, creativity and intelligence become one.  The pineal gland is the organ that is associated with the third eye.  Over time our pineal has become calcified and we will be sharing processes to exercise your third eye including what to remove from your diet.
Benefits of working with the third eye:
  • Opens our awareness to access our inner wisdom and guidance
  • Understand our reality better as it allows us to see past illusions
  • Our psychic gifts begin to develop, beginning to see auras, feel energies
    • Clairvoyance – the ability to see clearly
    • Claircognicance – the ability to know clearly
    • Clairaudience – the ability to hear clearly
    • Clairsentience – the ability to sense and feel clearly
  • Increased intuition and creativity
  • Memory becomes good and perceptions become more accurate
Within the workshop you will experience: 
  • Understanding the third eye and how to important it is on creating your reality
  • Cleansing, clearing and preventative measures from re-calcifying the third eye
  • Third Eye Chakra Activation
  • Techniques to exercise and stimulate the third eye

As we each ground our energies into the present and awaken to the love and joy within us, the changes we experience individually and collectively is beyond words.