Mental Alchemy & Vibrational Healing

The Principle of Vibration is the 3rd Hermetic Principle (Ancient Spiritual Philosophy), which states that everything is constantly vibrating including ourselves, constantly manifesting our reality through every pulse of our being. By understanding the vibration that we are emitting, we have the ability to make the proper adjustments in creating a reality that we wish to experience.

Vibrational Healing is process of bringing the body and the mind into equilibrium, releasing pain, traumas, injury and illnesses, also developing mental health and spiritual connection. Equilibrium is obtained by connecting with Source, Divine Father (Electric Nature of God – Divine Intelligence), Divine Mother (Magnetic Nature of God – Divine Love), bringing balance to the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine energies within.

Christ Consciousness is the foundation and the source of this Vibrational Healing work.


These sessions are designed to show that you have the ability to move through any limitation, idea or pain that you may be experiencing. We assist by bringing balance to your mind and body as you experience the vibration of Universal Equilibrium. These sessions are facilitated by two practitioners, masculine and feminine, representing the electric and magnetic nature of Source, Divine Intelligence and Divine Love hence creating a space of equilibrium. This is the Principle of Gender in effect, man and woman are equal, it shouldn’t be hierarchical, that’s why our current reality is so out of balance.

As you sit in a resonance space of equilibrium, we then bring equilibrium to your endocrine system which regulates all the biological processes in the body before going into deeper processes (physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual).


  • Mental Health – Creating Mental Equilibrium
  • Understanding Universal Principles
  • Overcoming fears and phobias
  • Shifting of negative mental patterns and addictions
  • Healing mental, emotional or physical abuse
  • Releasing anxiety, depression, low self-esteem
  • Dealing with grief and loss
  • Increased confidence, worthiness and self-empowerment
  • Letting go of anger, shame and guilt
  • Balancing of Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine
  • Healing the Inner Child
  • Creating harmonic and loving relationships
  • Uncovering ones purpose and path***


  • Connecting and balancing the endocrine system (regulates all biological processes in the body)
  • Releasing of pain throughout the body
  • Experience an release  where emotional, traumas and mental limitations are stored in the body
  • Connecting to physical organs in the body
  • Reenergise the body
  • Clearing of headaches, sinuses and other disorders
  • Assisting the body to regenerate due to illnesses and diseases
  • Treatment of insomnia and other sleep issues
  • Dealing with covid vaccine side-effects


  • Connecting to Christ Consciousness
  • Experiencing Love and Sacredness in daily life
  • Ancestral and past life healing
  • Developing your multidimensional connection
    • Connecting to your Higher Self
    • Connecting to your Guides and Spirit
  • Clearing and balancing of the energy bodies
  • Activations and initiations by Spirit
  • Awakening and developing the 3rd eye
  • Galactic and Starseed connection, re-calibration and connection
  • Past lives and time travel exploration***
  • Awakening to your path and purpose***

The Consultation

  • Duration: 1 hour

  • Facilitation: Two facilitators, masculine and feminine, representing the two polarities (electric+magnetic, active+passive, intellect+intuition, intelligence+love) and the application of Universal Principles.
  • Cost: £70
  • The session consists of two focus areas, Mental Alchemy & Vibrational Healing.

    • Mental Alchemy – help you understand why you creating the reality you are currently experiencing. Applying the Universal Principles, you will get a better understanding on your manifestations, and guide you in making the proper adjustments in creating the life that you wish to experience.

    • Vibrational Healing – this is a tangible vibrational energy experience. We focus on balancing the Endocrine System bringing equilibrium to the core biological processes in the body taking the body into a state of relaxation. The next process is the releasing of pain and tension from body which brings a deeper state of relaxation. We then bring equilibrium to the heart and mental spaces before fulfilling your intention for the session.

Aang Govender
Aang GovenderSpiritual Mentor, Mental Alchemist, Vibrational Healer & Shaman


“I am so grateful for Aang and Sharon. Before connecting with them I found the healing journey really challenging as a single mother of four children, finding myself in states of fear quite often. Also suffering with severe back pain and pain in other areas of the body. Since working with them my life has completely changed in every way, shape and form. Within a few sessions my physical pain was gone and my mental space shifted from a state of fear to absolute equilibrium. Aang and Sharon hold such a welcoming space of Unconditional Love 💕 Each session is different and miraculous. I am now connected with my guides. The things I used to worry about seem laughable now. I can now see the path in front of me and feel super excited in life. My eight year old son struggled with emotional trauma for five years. This was cleared in one session with Aang and Sharon 💖🙏 and much much more. Words can’t express how grateful I am. They are amazing mentors. 💖 I love them both so so much. 🙏💖🙏.”Nicola, UK

“In a time when we are looking for people that are real , honest , caring , loving and most importantly work with the utmost integrity with no strings attached and hidden agendas . This is what you will find when you choose Aang and Sharon to carry you through your healing and self discovery journey. Their willingness to help and gentleness in which they do their work make you feel completely safe .Prema, SA

I became interested in learning more about Aang Govender when I heard his guided meditation on insight timer. His meditations took me to loving spaces that I didn’t know existed.  After tracking him to the website:; I started working directly with Aang first and now both Aang and Sharon.  Our sessions are magical. I experience insights, love, peace and healing that defies words. My shoulder and knee are now pain free. More importantly, I feel a strong connection to The Source throughout the day, every day. This connection comes in the form of love and acceptance. It is a relief to no longer judge, criticize or victimize myself or others.  I am in the loving flow of life, which is a big change for me.Lexie, US

Sharon Venketsamy
Sharon VenketsamySpiritual Mentor, Mental Alchemist, Vibrational Healer & Shaman