Energy Healing


Transmission Training

30th March – 6th April 2018
Seven Days, Seven Nights
Location:   Spain

A seven-day, seven-night intensive training retreat for an individual and personalised approach. Experience a redefinition into your observation of reality through energy healing and transmission.

Bringing a freshness of energy, creativity and passion with a new dimension of awareness into everyday life. Evolving your understanding of self, as you increase your capacity to hold and channel Light Frequencies, creating new experiences of excitement, wealth, health and happiness.

Retreat Program

  • Multidimensional transmissions with activations individually and within the group to increase your capacity and ability as a transmitter and channel of love, light and wisdom.
  • Learn how to feel and connect with the flow energy, experience the change in your personal energy field through physical activations, balancing and alignment on each of the chakras.
  • Creating and holding an energetic workspace or room as you channel and transmit energy into the field of your expertise.
  • An accelerated shift in awareness in understanding your energetic reality and application thereof.
  • Hands-on training in working with energy as an individual, within groups and everyday reality.

 An interactive training experience, dedicated to working with your physical body as a sacred technology, as a transmitter and light capacitor. This invokes latent abilities (skills and gifts) in connecting and working with your Essence or Light, learning to channel energy into any aspect of life, like cooking, dancing, painting, meditation, personal work, group work or whatever is unique to your passion and essence. This retreat is a technology-free retreat, creating as little distraction as possible with the primary focus being on self.

As you develop your energy field and increase your awareness, you create powerful subtle shifts in your inner world reflecting wonderful benefits into your life/outer world:

  • Feeling supported, understanding your world through a new lens as you follow your intuition.
  • You become more open to experiences, creating wonderful opportunities through synchronicity.
  • Your capacity to hold and transmit energy increases and you are able to see possibilities and you also become more creative.
  • You fall in love with your body; you are able to see the body in a very new way, developing a new connection to self.
  • A feeling of self-confidence and worthiness organically begins to develop.
  • Expanding and developing both your individual and group work, bringing a beautiful and exciting new perspective to your work.

Sacred Geometry is the foundation of the training, working with the elements not as shapes but as energetic fields in creating the space for activation and transmission of Love, Light and Wisdom. The training is focused on how to use the elements to develop and accelerate your field of awareness not only through an energetic framework of Life Force Energy but also through an enhanced understanding of ancient techniques and life experience.


  • Sacred Geometry – A Forgotten Science
  • The Human Body
    • As a Sacred Technology
    • Our Energetic Structure
    • Antahkarana and the Filaments of Light
    • Energy Activations and Transmissions
  • The Reflective Nature of Reality
  • The Higher Self and the Personality Matrix
  • Developing Channeling Ability
    • Awakening the Filaments of Light – Activations
    • Capacity to Transmit Light – Transmissions
  • Creating Space and Facilitation
  • Daily Tips and Techniques
  • Questions and Answer Sessions 

Individual and Group Activities

  • Individual Sessions
    • 2 Individual Sessions
  • Daily Group Transmissions and Activations
    • Developing the channel of Light and healing abilities
    • Developing Intuition
  • Immersive Energetic Experiences
    • Playing, sensing and seeing energy
    • Journeying
  • Practice Sessions
    • Energy Transmissions – Individual
    • Energy Transmissions – Group
    • Expanding the Creative Space
    • Group feedback and Q & A
  • Two Excursions 


The Package:

  • 7 Night accommodation.
    • Check-In: 30th March 2018 – 15h00, Check-Out: 6th April 2018 – 11h00.
  • All meals included. Vegan and vegetarian options.
  • Tea and coffee making facilities, filtered water and healthy snacks available throughout day.
  • Training sessions are compulsory.
  • Healing, meditation and breath work sessions are optional.

Not included

  • Flights. 
  • Airport Transfers
  • Travel Insurance

Price of Retreat

£1600 pp

Bedroom: 1 x Double Bed
Occupancy: 1 person 

30% Deposit to Reserve Space

£1300 pp

Bedroom: 2 x Single Beds
Occupancy: 2 people sharing 

30% Deposit to Reserve Space

Retreat Facilitator

Aang Aakha
Aang AakhaFounder of Sacred Heart Awakening
In 2008, I experienced a massive transformation and re-awakening process in which I switched careers from being a computer architect to an energy practitioner and trainer. The journey of self-discovery began when I started looking for the meaning of my life and asking myself, ‘why am I here?’.

A whole new world opened up for me, a world of possibilities and I started meditating, experiencing energy, having visions and having experiences that literally seemed to melt my mind, like connecting with my Higher self.

This core experience with my Higher self has become the focus of my work and teachings and has led me to the creation of the Sacred Heart Awakening. A portal in which I share and assist others on their journey of awakening, developing their connections and shifting their perspective on reality.