Kundalini Energy

The “American” Indian learned this technique from his original root race: Atlantis. The Eastern cultures, Hindustani and Buddhists, gave it a name: THE KUNDALINI. But there are those of you incarnated within the Western culture who have experienced these things in past lives and have carried with you into this personality residue memory that throbs passionately to be expressed. You need to know. You need to ask. Ask who? Why, yourself, of course!

We respectfully remind you at this time that the Kundalini and its use is older than the Human Race. Using the Kundalini, to make conscious contact with your Higher-Self, is a tremendous asset in discovering who you really are and what your life is all about. This is the Path of the Masters.

The Kundalini is energy that dwells in the base of the spine. Everybody has a Kundalini, there are no exceptions, but only few Human Beings are aware that it exists. The White Light of the Kundalini is that microcosmic essence of the Creator and it designates our “right” to exist within and as a part of…Creation! That portion of the Creator in each of you, that magnificent, sacred energy that dwells at the base of your spine, must be awakened before it can be of service to you. This awakening is achieved mentally. Understand, your mental powers are far greater than you ever imagined. – Chief Little Summer

“Using the Kundalini, to make conscious contact with your Higher-Self, is a tremendous asset in discovering who you really are and what your life is all about. This is the Path of the Masters.” – Chief Little Summer & Warm Night Rain.

The Higher Self

Nobody knows more about you or cares more about you than does your own Higher Self. Your Higher Self communicates with you through dreams and through your intuition (hunches, if you will). All humans can do this on a sporadic basis. Wouldn’t it be nice if the personality could speak directly up to his/her own Higher Self, the Soul, and ask direct questions, and get direct answers? No more “go betweens”. No more inept interpretations of cryptic “messages”. No longer being lumped into a category simply because you chose a given month to be born. Sound good to you? Also sounds impossible too. The Universal Law of ONE makes all things possible. The communication from the Higher Self down to the lower Self, the personality, is universally common. This is often referred to as meditation.

The Mechanism
The consciousness from the cortical(thinking) portion of the brain, is carefully and gently taken outside of the body, fully protected, and attached to the individuals own Higher-Self. When this conscious rapport is firmly established, after some practice, then the gateway to Intelligent Infinity (Cosmic Consciousness) is yours for the entering. On a conscious level, a two-way conscious communication is established with the Soul by the personality. The eventual integration of the Higher-Self with the Lower-Self provides an “at Oneness” that gives a peace not often found by those in the human shell. You shall discover for yourself your own “greatness” as you become more and more aware of your source.

The Higher Self cannot reach down and grab you. You must reach up, climb up, to it. This is growth/evolution. This is Universal Law. As your conscious mind is incorporated with your Higher Self and communication is established, you consciously become aware of what your Higher Self has in mind for you, the personality, to do. You are now receiving your instructions from above and not from below. Prior to this contact all of your working instructions have come from the Solar Plexus Chakra…the seat of emotions. You have been letting your emotions do your thinking for you.

Kundalini Training

The Kundalini meditation is a beautiful tool to assist in this work. This is the path of the Masters, the Adepts. The Kundalini makes possible a higher and finer understanding of this ancient knowledge, the knowledge which enlightens. The Kundalini meditation is one of the finest of all meditations. The Kundalini is our gift from the One Infinite Creator. With the accelerated transformation, there is much release and reflection into ones reality, the Guidance and Support assists you through your processes. The monthly subscription includes the following:

£55 / Month

    • Raising Kundalini
    • Creating Protective Field
    • Connecting with your Higher Self
    • Lowering Kundalini
    • 30 minute Individual Assessment

The material shared teaches explicitly the “how to” of awakening that Divine Energy that is inherent in all life, the Kundalini. When employed properly, this greatest of all energies is completely safe. Knowledge of the Chakras (the body’s energy centers) is incorporated in this technique.

Aang Aakha
Aang AakhaTransformational Coach, Mentor & Energy Specialist


“Aang has helped me with my spiritual journey in the most incredible way over the last few years. His approach to helping me discover my own true gifts has greatly inspired and empowered me to live a more fulfilled life. Most importantly, I find that Aang works from a place of absolute integrity, compassion, humour and provides a safe environment for me to work in. If you are looking for a mentor and teacher that truly lives by example and lets you discover your own power, then Aang is the perfect mentor for you.”Jonathan, Australia

“Aang definitely has the ability to create what I call ‘magic’. When I first met Aang, I used to be anxious, stressed and live in a fear mode. I am now experiencing peace in a way I have never done before. I understand and accept myself much more fully, and as a result am much much happier in myself. I have had a lot of amazing experiences since, each session has been amazing, unique and has brought me profound results. Just being in Aang’s calm presence in itself is really healing. He has been really supportive to me outside our sessions, always there to guide me and give me invaluable advice when I have felt stuck. I have worked with quite a few healers and cannot recommend Aang enough”Meera, United Kingdom

Wow. This meditation was too amazing. The liquid golden light analogy was beautiful??? Thank you so much brother. What a beautiful guide through? love and light and much gratitude.

Reshma, Africa

???Truly the most powerful meditation I have ever done … ??? I cried, really cried during this and then truly felt the love and acceptance and peace that followed … Namaste ???

Dessi, Adelaide

Really soothing. I established an amazing connection with my inner child- a relationship I’ve been improving day by day. This was the best I ever experienced it getting to hold my inner child as the woman I am today.

Amelia, Los Angeles

A beautiful guided meditation. Great for when you are feeling vulnerable and need to practise self-care. And what a gorgeous, reassuring voice!

Emer, London

I don’t understand how it works but it does! This is one of the only meditation practices I’ve truly resonated with and could feel in every cell of my being the entire time. I can attest that after having done this meditation yesterday morning, I was riding the high vibration train ALLLLL DAYYYYY and fell back in line with the universe. I’m so glad this little gem has entered my life.

Breana, Santa Barbara

My favorite of all time. Thank you council. Thank you Universe. Thank-you Great Mother, for all that has been received. Namaste

Amanda Bridget, Verdun

Love it! I got goosebumps and actually felt the energy encompass me.

Monica, Los Angeles