Exploring the Multidimensional Self: An Expansion of Love

Winter Equinox
20th March 2018

Time: 7pm – 9.30pm
Price: £40
Location: Columbia Hotel (Regency Suite), 95 – 99 Lancaster Gate W2 3NS · London

An exploration of the human body as a beacon of Light and that we have the ability to shift our vibrations not only for ourselves but as a collective as well. Opening your awareness to the multidimensional aspects of self, bringing new perspectives, acceptance and an expansion of love not only to self but the ability to experience it in everyday reality. Experience your energy in a myriad of ways as both as a receiver and as a sender, creating confidence, equilibrium and harmony in self. We will also be working with the frequencies of the Equinox to greater enhance these experiences.

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The session will include a combination of techniques, activities and transmissions where you will experience yourself as a transmitter and receiver of love, light and vibration.

The exercises and transmissions assisting individuals:
– in anchoring and developing the connection to the multidimensional aspects of self
– to experience their connection to the Universal Realms
– developing their energy field and physical body in creating new life experiences
– in shifting from the torments of physicality and of negativity to a greater love awareness
– in opening or further enhancing their abilities, such as healers, channels or intuitives