Welcome to Session One of Connecting with Your Higher Self. This is an eight week course that will assist you in stepping closer to the true nature of your being, the ever evolving and expanding soul that you are. As we develop our connection to our Higher Self, through the law of resonance and reflection, our outer world changes, it is real and tangible.

In this week we will expand our awareness on the topics of Awakening, Multidimensionality and the Higher Self. We will be creating a conscious connection to our Higher Self, connecting with our Body and Activating our Third Eye.

  1. Awakening & Realisations
  2. Transmission – Energy Balancing Session
  3. Multidimensionality and the Higher Self
  4. Transmission – The Awakening including 3rd Eye Activation
  5. Meditation Exercise

The Awakening

Everyone experiences an awakening process; it is triggered in one form or another. It could be an intense process or it can be a subtle process, where the awakening is subtle but at the same time being very tangible.

Our awakening process begins when start to have experiences that defy how we see reality. Some of these experiences challenge us, takes us a while to accept that we are actually experiencing them. Sometimes we deny them so strongly, that we have another experience that is more extreme, that we cannot deny anymore.

I used to be Computer Architect, absolutely loved Computers and Mathematics, very logical and analytical. I lived by scientific method, seeing is believing. I had a few experiences that completely altered my understanding of reality:

  • I woke up one morning with energy pouring out of my hands, I thought it was blood, it was absolutely strong and tangible, I could bend incense smoke by just waving my hand, it was magical.
  • Once in meditation, I saw a hologram, then heard a voice to open my eyes, and I began to witness the hologram eyes open. It was as if I had my own cinema in my room. I had this experience twice in a row otherwise I would not have believed it.
  • My third experience was the experience of the Higher Self, this was my most mind bending experience. It was the first time I experienced anything in meditation was true colour, absolute high definition.

There was a glass shape in middle of nothingness, the void, darkness and it was glowing, it had the most beautiful golden yellow I have ever seen. I could feel the silence, the stillness but the energy was something else. I felt a massive wave of energy flow through me, it felt unconditional, it felt loving, I felt accepted.

This shape was perfect and I so didn’t want to the vision to disappear, I remember chanting “please don’t go, please don’t go.” It was mesmerising. I had not experienced anything like this before, I wasn’t a firm believer in God but at that moment I had a thought, God is Geometry.

The shape resembled a soccer ball with flat edges and pentagonal, I spent some time online searching and found the shape. It was the Dodecohedron (the shape on the right), also known as the 5th Platonic Solid known as Aether or Spirit. A year later I had realised that the shape I connected with was actually my Higher Self.

I have shared these experiences to show you what is possible in our reality and that we all have potential. Although the Awakening process can be very magical, it comes with its fair share of challenges as well. These challenges we will be speaking about in further lessons.


The realisations had a fundamental influence on my journey, they became the core of my experiences and teachings. These a points that I would like you to ponder on, how does it feel within me, what are my thought processes about it, is it actually possible?

  • Energy

There is a new vibrational energy being experienced on the planet, it is exceptionally fast and powerful. We are all connected to this energetic stream as we are part of the consciousness. It is accelerating, it is flowing through us, some of us are just not aware of it. We are channels of energy and we don’t only ground energy, we transmit energy as well.

  • The Body as a Technology

We are energy, we are also channels of energy, continuously channelling energy all of the time into physical and non-physical reality. The more we connect with the body, the more we experience. Most of the emotional and memory blocks are stored in the body and we have the ability to connect and shift this energy that does not serve us anymore.

  • Age

Age does not matter at all, I am currently 43yrs old and feel like life is one big playground. It is who you are now and how you lead your life now that matters. Don’t wait to experience life later, the time is now, be bold, challenge yourself a bit, you will be amazed by what you can accomplish.

I experienced my awakening process at the age of 34. It doesn’t matter where any of us are on our journey, its all perfect, we don’t have to rush to find enlightenment, when you live in the moment, it has a tendency of finding you.

  • Beliefs

I used to work in the field of technology and now I am teaching individuals how to connect with their Divine Essence, the Higher Self. Our beliefs change, and they can change completely, resulting in our ideas of ourselves changing completely as well.

Most beliefs we have taken on from our parents, from siblings, friends, culture and society, restricted ourselves into believing that we have to be part of a system and behave in a specific way. These beliefs have defined our reality and now we are understanding that can shift them and redefine our reality.


  • Change

Change is the only constant, everything changes, everything cycles, including our lives and our personalities. If you are experiencing change in your life, learn to embrace and go with the flow. It is absolutely natural to experience resistance, when you do, take some time and tune into it, you will receive the guidance you seek.

Energy Balancing Session

The purpose of this transmission the Energy Balancing Session is to help centre and ground your energetic field. Keeping you present, grounded, releasing any imbalances, quitening the busy mind and slowly opening your connection.

This is a short transmission that can help you balance your field very quickly, if you had a hectic day or experience, I recommend listening to this transmission to help you refocus.

Multidimensionality and the Higher Self


To experience multiple dimensions, one can take any object and look at it from every side, getting a more complete view of what that object looks like in physical reality. When it comes to non-physical reality, the realms of the mental, emotional and spiritual processes, it becomes a bit more complexed as we have been very attuned to seeing the world physically. Our dream states and meditative experiences are a beautiful reflection of our multidimensional nature.

The individual that you believe that you are, is just an aspect of yourself, there is so much more to whom you are. You are multidimensional in nature, that is your true state, at any giving moment you are experiencing in a multitude of realities, past lives, future lives, parallel lives, different dimensions… As we remember and awaken our connection to these other expressions, we are able to channel these energies into our physical reality to assist us in remembering more of whom we are.

Gifts begin to open, we see things differently, more holistically, we become less judgmental and more accepting. A bigger picture unfolds, it becomes exciting and expansive.

There are many facets to multidimensionality, one could look at it from a space of experience, any experience could have multiple perceptions associated to it, how we choose to react is how we perceived a particular experience. One can choose that experience to be enlightening and expansive while another can choose the experience to feel contracted or trapped.

The awakening process is different for everyone but there is a common thread, some form of connection is made, an essence is felt, an experience had.  This is the beginning of your multidimensional experience, taking you on a path of self exploration and connection.

The Higher Self

One can look at the Higher Self as being the collective field of all your multidimensional experiences, across time, dimensions and space. It is pure, it is the true essence of the Love and Light that you are. It is ancient, all knowing and has been always connected to you.

All our multidimensional experiences are channelled through our Higher Self to us, making us aware of these type of aspects. Continuously sending us messages during our dream states and in visions.

We have been connected all of the time to our Higher Self but we have been unaware of it. The reflection of our reality is through our Higher Self, that is how we perceive and experience reality.

Our world is like a message box, sometimes you have a thought process and a few hours later someone speaks to you. You are thinking about a friend and then they call you. You making a decision about going to a place and three people share the exact same destination that you were thinking about.  Everything is connected, pointing you in a specific direction.

Transmission – The Awakening including 3rd Eye Activation

The energy channelled and the intention of this transmission is to awaken your physical mind to the awareness that you are a multidimensional being that has always been in union or connected to the Higher Self. Opening and expanding the Seat of Inner Vision, awakening the 3rd Eye also known as the Inner Eye.

Meditation Exercise

As a beginner, meditation is not an easy process. You will look for every reason and excuse not to meditate. Focus and creating a routine will help you break through that gridlock. Meditation will also help you feel more energised and inspired.

Breath Awareness

Most preferred in the morning or before you go to sleep at night. This should be a 10-15minute exercise

  • I recommend having a blind fold to block out all light or cover your eyes with a scarf.
  • Close your eyes and focus on your breathing, following the in-breath and the out-breath
  • For those inexperienced in meditation or keep falling asleep, I recommend that you count the breaths either focusing on the in-breath or the outbreath. When you reach 9 breaths, then start again from 1.
  • For those experienced in meditation, continue going deeper into your meditation just focusing on the breath.
  • Repeat this process, it will slowly still the busy mind. If the mind wanders, don’t judge yourself, lovingly slowly bring yourself back to the count or the breath.
  • Record your observations