Thank you for signing up to the Higher Self Training, the transmissions and the knowledge shared will assist you in in understanding your experiences and developing your connection to your Higher Self. This is primarily focused on your own personal spiritual awakening and the opening of your divine nature. Wishing you a beautiful and sacred journey.


Additional Information


  • Space – Create your space before each transmission. The more you practice this, the greater you will feel the energy of your space.
    • Sacredness – Ensure that you will not be disturbed for session, turn off anything that can distract you, this space is created for deep balancing on all levels which is the process of reconnection.
    • Light a Candle
    • Burn Incense / Fragrance Oils
    • Place Symbols / Art / Sacred Objects
    • Beautify – Flowers, Cloth…
    • Cleansing – Always use a fresh bowl of salt water to absorb any energy released which can later be given back to earth
  • Journal
    • Journal your experiences, you will begin to see a difference in how you are experiencing reality, this is a great starting point.
    • Set you intention for doing the course in the journal and you can map your progress during the course.
  • Dreaming
    • Your dreams will become more vivid filled with information
    • Journal your dreams
  • Access to material
    • If you have any problems accessing any to the material, please contact Aang. His details are below.

Facilitator Contact Details