The Sacred Path: Connecting with your Higher Self
A two day immersive and awakening experience

This workshop is open to anyone that wishes to develop their intuition and evolve their connection to their Higher Self, regardless of their religious or spiritual background. A two-day spiritual immersive experience, including meditation, breath techniques, channeling energy, transformative energy transmissions, activations and a deeper understanding on how to perceive your reality as you step into your sacred path.

Learn how to develop, to enhance your connection, to trust your intuition and guidance. Whether you are at the beginning of your journey or a seasoned practitioner, the workshop is designed to shift you into your next level of creative expression and connection. We are forever expanding and evolving our awareness into higher consciousness, into Oneness and with this expansion you will begin to see your world in a new evolved way, bringing tremendous peace, understanding and beauty into your everyday experience.

A large spectrum of topics will be explored, including physical and non-physical reality, multidimensionality, Higher Self, the reflection mechanism, meditation,  the merkaba, sacred geometry, oversoul awareness, dream-state awareness, the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies and more.

Learn the associated principles, techniques and skills, exercises, including energy attunements/transmissions. In this workshop I will show you that you have always been connected to your Higher Self, but have been unaware of it, helping you connect more consciously and to trust your experiences. You will get to experience yourself on a much deeper level, as you begin to align to your Inner Essence and the Radiance within.

During the workshop, you will have an immersive experience of acceleration, connection, healing, alignment, balancing, spiritual growth and transformation. The processes and techniques shared will assist in the development of your connection and the manifestation of your desired reality.

Date: 22nd-23rd August 2017
Time: 11am – 5pm

Venue: The Yoga House – Koh Phangan

The cost of this transformational immersive experience is
$180 / TB6000

• Lunch included –  vegan/vegetarian healthy food made in Thai/ Mediterranean buffet style

• Accommodation – if accommodation is required, please contact Ishai at Yoga House on

Aang Aakha
Aang AakhaTransformational Coach, Mentor & Energy Specialist

“I am so grateful to Spirit to lead me to Aang. His guidance has brought much needed clarity, grounding, and focus to my spiritual confusion, disorganization, and lack of control. All the while, he has helped to streamline and accelerate my spiritual growth with this newfound clarity. As an energetic healer and spiritual coach myself, my intuition and sensitivity have proven time and time again when working with Aang that the energetic transmissions he facilitates come from an authentic, divine, and multidimensional place. I feel the effects of these shifts for the week to come and beyond. I am also truly grateful for the tools and exercises he provides that guide me in between our sessions together. All in all, I feel so much more clarity, so much more in my power, so much more on my path since working with him. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”Jasmine, United States

“Aang has helped me with my spiritual journey in the most incredible way over the last few years. His approach to helping me discover my own true gifts has greatly inspired and empowered me to live a more fulfilled life. Most importantly, I find that Aang works from a place of absolute integrity, compassion, humour and provides a safe environment for me to work in. If you are looking for a mentor and teacher that truly lives by example and lets you discover your own power, then Aang is the perfect mentor for you.”Jonathan, Australia

“Aang definitely has the ability to create what I call ‘magic’. When I first met Aang, I used to be anxious, stressed and live in a fear mode. I am now experiencing peace in a way I have never done before. I understand and accept myself much more fully, and as a result am much much happier in myself. I have had a lot of amazing experiences since, each session has been amazing, unique and has brought me profound results. Just being in Aang’s calm presence in itself is really healing. He has been really supportive to me outside our sessions, always there to guide me and give me invaluable advice when I have felt stuck. I have worked with quite a few healers and cannot recommend Aang enough”Meera, United Kingdom