Aang definitely has the ability to create what I call ‘magic’. When I first met Aang, I used to be anxious, stressed and live in a fear mode. I am now experiencing peace in a way I have never done before. I understand and accept myself much more fully, and as a result am much much happier in myself. Each session with Aang has been amazing. In our first session he told me I need to be less on my phone and laptop – the next day I went to work and my work laptop ‘mysteriously’ crashed for a couple of days. I have had a lot of amazing experiences since, each session has been amazing, unique and has brought me profound results. Just being in Aang’s calm presence in itself is really healing. He has been really supportive to me outside our sessions, always there to guide me and give me invaluable advice when I have felt stuck. I have worked with quite a few healers and cannot recommend Aang enough.
Aang is an amazingly spiritual developed person with passion to heal and share his skills. I’ve been very lucky to have the Gaia Love Activation with Aang as my life has been enhanced with spiritual connection and knowledge. It has been a very deep and wonderful experience thank you to Aang’s wisdom. My heart and my connection with the universe has been opened and I feel the love around me.
Aang has helped me with my spiritual journey in the most incredible way over the last few years. His approach to helping me discover my own true gifts has greatly inspired and empowered me to live a more fulfilled life. Most importantly, I find that Aang works from a place of absolute integrity, compassion, humour and provides a safe environment for me to work in. If you are looking for a mentor and teacher that truly lives by example and lets you discover your own power, then Aang is the perfect mentor for you.
I saw Aang for energy healing as I had been diagnosed with chronic fatigue otherwise known as m.e. My energy levels had been very low for 13 years. Within 2 to 3 seconds of Aang concentrating on energy healing for me, I knew my exhaustion levels had vastly improved. I don’t know how I knew but I just did. Logically, my brain couldn’t compute this instantaneous healing but thankfully the cells in my body were ready for it. Aang as an energy healer is the real deal and I am so glad that I met him. He was a pivotal turning point for me and as a result my life and wellness improved greatly.
It has – without doubt – been one of the most profound spiritual experiences in my life! My deepest gratitude, Aang & Vaz, for the very intense and beautiful personal healing – for creating such a magical and peaceful space (a true healing temple!)