Soul Resonance Re-patterning (SRR) is the opening of ones awareness to the unconditional acceptance and love from the purest essence of Light in all its completion.  Opening this channel of Light, Love and Vibration we are able to feel this connection on a deeper level assisting us in letting go of any resistance bringing to us harmony and peace.

Soul – some would call the Soul their connection to God, Great Spirit, Higher Self, Universe, Monad… This is all relative to an existence that is infinite as the Soul is high vibrational energy, the greater essence of whom we are and many are beginning to feel this experience now.  This usually happens during an awakening process where one begins to questions the boundaries of their reality as they begin have experiences that defies their current world and the search begins.

Resonance is the condition of a body when subjected to a frequency as the natural frequency,  it creates an enhanced vibration through the body.  The Four Creative Forces are ALL THAT IS, are Consciousness, Light, Love and Vibration.

Re-patterning is a process of working through ideas and beliefs that we have about ourselves and that we have the ability to shift them consciously to create a reality that is more supportive and harmonic.  Using the holographic nature of our reality we are able to connect with our bodies (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) in a more collaborative fashion as we recognise the connectiveness  of all that we are.

Our human body is an advanced form of technology and it has been shown that we can directly link into the body to heal ourselves.  Our thought forms (mental state) how we feel (emotional state) can directly and indirectly influence our body. The more aware we become of how we are able to communicate with our body the greater our life expectancy and our quality of life.  We are only beginning to understand the capabilities of our body and its amazing design.

We are also beginning to understand the power of our mind and how we view our reality.  SRR helps in creating a connection with the body, mind and spirit and lets you become the active participant and the driving force in creating the reality that you wish to experience.