Lionsgate Portal Transmission

Lightbody Alignment & Activation

During this period we are embraced with the energetic streams that are created through the alignment of the Star system Sirius, our Sun and our planet Earth. Sirius is a truly special Star System and they have assisted our civilization on my occasions. Here is a wonderful article that reminds us of an ancient past where it was possible to connect with beings from another star system. The Dogon Tribe: Connection Sirius

These beings are great teachers and are here to assist us with individual, collective and planetary evolution. We can use the Lionsgate Stargate to assist us individually and collectively.

Transmission Process
To enhance the experience of the Lionsgate Transmission, visualise yourself as a representative of humanity, in creating a future that is supportive and loving. Then visualise a streams of Light flowing from Sirius, through our Sun and straight into your Heart. Set an intention for yourself as well, remembering that you are deserving of everything. Put aside any doubts for the transmission, just experience

Wishing you a beautiful and sacred journey.


Video Transmission