Awareness & Energy Transformation
Private Session

The accelerated transformation session assists in expanding ones conscious awareness through two mechanisms. The first is training the mind in looking at ones world through a higher perspective and the second is through experiencing oneself as an energy being. It is amazing how a shift in perception can propel an individual through a limiting idea, belief, a depressive state or even an illness. Energetic experiences develop ones intuition, connection, release traumas, blockages, and so much more… These two processes create an accelerated shift in ones reality.

These sessions are designed for individuals seeking accelerated expansion or those that feel that they are stuck and wish to move to the next level of their experience. Creating a rapid shift in perception giving a better understanding of  what is that you are experiencing and shifting your energetic space to a higher vibration as you move through any personal limitations, breaking the boundaries that prevent you from truly expressing yourself. It allows you to see your life from a higher perspective giving yourself greater clarity, insight and understanding. The energy channelling and transmission accelerates your awareness through a process of architecturally structuring the energy matrix around you for clearing, balancing, activation and experiencing your connection consciously to the grandness of your spirit.


These sessions are designed to show you that you do have the potential to move through any limitation or idea you have about yourself and to lift your consciousness to a higher perspective. This brings great clarity, recognition and peace as you are able to have a much clearer understanding to any of your experiences. The sessions also develop your connection to your energy bodies, bringing to you tangible experiences of the flow of energy within your being increasing your capacity to release and heal.

  • Developing a new outlook on life as if you see your world through a greater awareness..
  • Having a more complete understanding about your life experiences, cultivating an inner peace.
  • Developing your channelling abilities, awakening your intuitive capabilities.
  • Create loving and supportive relationships as you open your awareness to self love and reflection.
  • Dream state experiences, receive personal guidance through your vivid dream space.
  • Breaking the boundaries of your mind and letting go of limiting patterns or beliefs.
  • Increase your energy levels and increase your capacity to hold Light.
  • Developing your super sensitive senses, understanding more about yourself as you develop your intuition.
  • Accelerating your process of healing and/or connection through focus and processes shared with you.

What You Receive?

  • 90 Minute Session
    • Consultation
      • Help you understand your reality and experiences through reflection and a higher perspective, a deeper understanding of your aspects and you being the architect of your reality.
      • Look into current limitations / patterns, re-defining them from a different perspective and start the process of shifting through them consciously and energetically.
      • Consultation and energy transmission focused on either of these aspects:
        • Personal Development or Healing
        • Spiritual Awakening and Connection
        • Starseed Integration and Connection
    • Focused Energy Transmission
      • A energetic acceleration on the reawakening of you core filaments of light, creating rapid expansion and connection.
      • Focused Energy Transmission reawakening and reconnecting to your Authentic Self. Working through the subtle energy bodies and physical body in raising the energetic frequency to create balance, alignment, releasing patterns and limitations, and lastly enhancing and developing your spiritual connection.
      • The transmissions are exceptionally transformative and are tangibly experienced as they re-energise and strengthen your energy field.
      • The multidimensional nature of these transmissions, assist you with advanced healing, balancing, clearing and downloading of personal activations awakening some of your core gifts through the presence of your Authentic/Higher Self.
Aang Aakha
Aang AakhaTransformational Coach, Mentor & Energy Specialist


“Aang has helped me with my spiritual journey in the most incredible way over the last few years. His approach to helping me discover my own true gifts has greatly inspired and empowered me to live a more fulfilled life. Most importantly, I find that Aang works from a place of absolute integrity, compassion, humour and provides a safe environment for me to work in. If you are looking for a mentor and teacher that truly lives by example and lets you discover your own power, then Aang is the perfect mentor for you.”Jonathan, Australia

“Aang definitely has the ability to create what I call ‘magic’. When I first met Aang, I used to be anxious, stressed and live in a fear mode. I am now experiencing peace in a way I have never done before. I understand and accept myself much more fully, and as a result am much much happier in myself. I have had a lot of amazing experiences since, each session has been amazing, unique and has brought me profound results. Just being in Aang’s calm presence in itself is really healing. He has been really supportive to me outside our sessions, always there to guide me and give me invaluable advice when I have felt stuck. I have worked with quite a few healers and cannot recommend Aang enough”Meera, United Kingdom