Soul Architecture

Everyone is evolving at a rapid rate, and most are unaware of it. The changes on our planet and the changes in our solar system are a massive reflection of the change that is happening within us. Those that are sensitive already feel the change, those that are not, are experiencing traumatic and emotional changes in their lives. We have to flow with the change, to release and let go, yet letting go of attachments seems to be the most challenging aspect of our human condition.

Old structures, old beliefs and patterns seem to be dissolving with these new energetic vibrations. This can create a significant amount of uncertainty in our lives. We cannot just rely on the physical senses; they are not enough in navigating the change as the nature of these changes is energetic. Now, we have to develop and trust our intuition, and most importantly develop our connection to Source. There are many different ways of developing these skills; we assist individuals through the system of Soul Architecture.

What is Soul Architecture?

Soul Architecture is the art of allowing oneself to experience themselves as an energetic being. Through understanding our life, we can navigate and experience life in a whole new way. Expanding our awareness beyond the body, beyond the mind, seeing reality through a brighter and loving lens.

We have to understand the foundations of our life, our reality, why we are whom we are, why we do what we do. Once we know, then we can create the changes in our lives. We have the power to influence and co-create our realities.

With Soul Architecture, we work with the energy field and the etheric structures within the field. We also focus mainly on the right hemisphere of the brain, developing our creative and intuitive mind. Creating new experiences both energetically and physically, we begin to experience our amazing body in a whole new way. As we develop ourselves, the experiences begin to transcend both space and time, and we can co-create and manifest quicker.

Soul Architecture sessions shift and release blocked energy, evolving and creating new etheric structures to assist with the current energy changes. They also bring change, develop intuition and connection, and awaken the creative and multidimensional/quantum self. The outcome is a life filled with love, joy, meaning and purpose.


Personal Power – self-empowerment through understanding and influencing change, creating a life that you choose to experience.
Love – experience a heightened expression of love, seeing love not only as a feeling but as an expression of life
Wisdom – opening ourselves to a greater level of awareness, downloading of new information and abilities
Freedom – we hold much heaviness in the body, as this releases, we notice a freedom being expressed in all aspects of life
Connection – a subtle yet powerful connection, feeling supported, guided, protected and loved


Aang Aakha
Aang AakhaSoul Architect & Transformational Coach

“Aang has helped me with my spiritual journey in the most incredible way over the last few years. His approach to helping me discover my own true gifts has greatly inspired and empowered me to live a more fulfilled life. Most importantly, I find that Aang works from a place of absolute integrity, compassion, humour and provides a safe environment for me to work in. If you are looking for a mentor and teacher that truly lives by example and lets you discover your own power, then Aang is the perfect mentor for you.”Jonathan, Australia

“Aang definitely has the ability to create what I call ‘magic’. When I first met Aang, I used to be anxious, stressed and live in a fear mode. I am now experiencing peace in a way I have never done before. I understand and accept myself much more fully, and as a result am much much happier in myself. I have had a lot of amazing experiences since, each session has been amazing, unique and has brought me profound results. Just being in Aang’s calm presence in itself is really healing. He has been really supportive to me outside our sessions, always there to guide me and give me invaluable advice when I have felt stuck. I have worked with quite a few healers and cannot recommend Aang enough”Meera, United Kingdom