Hermetics Mentorship
Initiation into Hermetics – Step One

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Duration: Monthly (3 Months)
Cost: R1100/R880 per month (concessions available)

Sessions: Hermetics Mentorship (Individual and Group)
Link for Sessions:
https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82094389870 (Password sent via email)
Communication: WhatsApp group & email
Schedule:  Mentoring Schedule

Welcome Beloved Sister/Brother 🙏🏽💖,

Are you ready to take your practice to a whole new level? Are you ready to unlock your potential and take back control of your mind? Initiation Into Hermetics (IIH) by Franz Bardon is a complete, all encompassing teaching of magic, self development and self enlightenment. For the first 3 months we will be focusing on mastering Step One of IIH. “We must always be aware of the fact that the body, soul and mind are to be trained simultaneously, for otherwise it would be impossible to gain and maintain magic equipoise.” – Franz Bardon – Initiation into Hermetics

The benefits are directly proportional to your effort which include a focused mind, transformation of negative characteristics of personality, profound knowledge, inner peace, strong will and most importantly, understanding how the elements are affecting you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

  • Magic Mental Training

  • Magic Psychic (Soul) Training

  • Magic Physical Training

IIH is the path of self-initiation and magic and it will take discipline and practice. Our role is to assist you in developing your mind, will and to guide you as you master these techniques. Daily effort dedicated to your practices will greatly assist and accelerate your transformation.

  • Group Sessions – IIH Step One

    • Practice discussion and techniques
    • Questions and answers
    • Vibrational Healing
    • Twice per month (1 hr sessions)
  • Group Meditations

    • Meditative Practices
    • 30min
    • Mon – Fri
  • Private Sessions

    • Discuss Practice
    • Fine tuning
    • Guidance


All times below are South African Standard Time
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Franz Bardon 🙏🏽💖