System Requirements
for Online Courses:

Live Light Transmissions

To access these Light Transmissions, you would have to install Google Chrome or Firefox internet web browsers. These Light Transmissions are streamed using webinar software that currently do not run on Mobile Devices or on Safari internet browser.

Good Internet Connection

Our Online Courses feature streaming video and audio that requires a good internet connection.

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Level: Initiation
Duration: 6 Month Program 

The goal of this program is to develop what is known as spiritual organs to cultivate a better understanding of the Higher Realms and Awakening the Heart Chakra. The tools and process applied in this program will assist the participant in obtaining a balanced outlook of their understanding of life. Every fortnight, participants will experience live energy transmissions developed to assist in shifting through current limitations and beliefs.

Through personal experience both as a facilitator and student, I have noticed a gap amongst Spiritual Explorers as many struggle to find a balance between physical and non-physical(spirit) reality experiences. This program helps in developing one’s integration, a bridge between the Higher Realms and the Physical world bringing together intuitive guidance, a focused mind and the action thereof.  This program aligns with the exercises of Rudolf Steiner in guiding the spiritual in an individual to the spiritual in the universe.[/stbpro]

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There are six primary exercises that will be practiced during the course of the program with specific focus on developing the following faculties:

 • Our ability to Think (Focus)

Mastery of thought processes, control of thinking, control of the world of thoughts, the soul’s command of its thinking processes, learning to stop thinking in a will-o’-the-wisp kind of way, developing perfect clarity of thought, concentration.

 • Our ability to Act (Will)

Control of will, control of one’s own actions, mastery of ones will impulses, taking the initiative, exercising the will, the soul’s mastery of its will.

 • Our ability to Feel 

Achieving balance in life, emotional balance, inner composure, the soul’s mastery over its feelings, rising above joy and sorrow, overcoming likes and dislikes.

 • Practicing Positivity and Patience

Tolerance, patience, trust in your surroundings, positivity, open-mindedness. Seeing the true and the beauty in all things.

 • Developing Openness

Thinking connected to will, lack of prejudice, continued openness and having faith.

 • Developing Perseverance

Equilibrium, harmony, the bringing together of all five exercises and disciplines creating soul balance.[/stbpro]

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In the program we will learning about our energy bodies and the chakras in much detailed level, including the interactions and focused attention with the physical, astral and etheric layers. Each of these exercises are further expanded into:

  1. The actual exercise
  2. A physical posture
  3. Exercise in feeling the subtle energy streams


The Training Exercises

The act of practicing will refine our approach and place us in the realms of physical and non-physical reality. As Steiner shares, “If we take the right approach to our exercises, the satisfaction that we gain will show us clearly. We do not have to wait for success to have certainty. It is not only satisfaction but knowledge, knowledge of being able to see that what we are doing is leading us in the right direction.

The Right Attitude:
“I will do all the exercises that are suitable for me, knowing that at the right time, as much will come to me as is important for me to have. I do not demand this impatiently, but I am constantly preparing to receive it.” – Rudolf Steiner