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Exercise Four


Practicing Positivity and Patience

[stbpro id=”download” caption=”1. The Exercise” image=”null” collapsing=”true” collapsed=”true”] To practice positivity, which is to find the positive of everything that happens to you and with anything that you encounter.

What needs to be done

  • Whenever you have a negative or unpleasant experience, try to see its positive aspects, This can be any situation, a thought, person or even a creature.
  • You should select a few experiences during the day where you experience the negative influences and try to see the positive in them in that very moment.
  • The positive aspect should be seen in the person, the object or the situation.
  • Once your are fully aware of the positive aspect then start feeling the feelings associated with it.
  • Only focus on seeing the positive aspect.
  • IMPORTANT: Always remember it is the natural tendency for us to see negative aspects much easier than positive ones. As if the negative has the power to drown out and hide the positive.

What should be avoided

  • Forming ‘positive’ ideas intentionally or through an exaggerated way instead of finding the real positive qualities.
  • Intentionally feeling sympathetic without clear observation.
  • Finding something positive later on, instead of during the actual process of observing yourself.

What is important

  • Remembering that this exercise is a spiritual exercise and is only of value at the moment you practice it.
  • Not losing your capacity for clear judgement.
  • Being aware that we have a strong natural tendency to negativity and being able to control it.

Practical Suggestions

  • It can be very helpful to write down the phenomena or experiences that you dislike, hate or feel ill towards.
  • The list can be expanded through further observation.
  • You may be amazed to find out how many phenomena, statements or situations that you suddenly realise that you react negatively to.[/stbpro]

[stbpro id=”info” caption=”- A Beautiful Example” image=”null” collapsing=”true” collapsed=”true” ccolor=”2e7cb9″]

In Persian poetry there is a beautiful legend about Christ, which illustrates the meaning of this quality. A dead dog is lying on the road. Among the passersby is Christ. All the others turn away from the ugly sight; only Christ pauses and speaks admiringly of the animal’s beautiful teeth. It is possible to look at things in this way, and he who earnestly seeks for it may find in all things, even the most repulsive, something worthy of acknowledgment. The fruitfulness in things is not in what is lacking in them, but in what they have.


[stbpro id=”download” caption=”2. Etheric Stream – Feeling Energy Exercise” image=”null” collapsing=”true” collapsed=”true” ]

A feeling of being blessed and great joy, as though you are expanding. This is concentrated in the heart, then radiating through the eyes into your surroundings; then through the ears and the whole surface of the skin. You will experience yourself as the outspread etheric body – love as an active force of feeling.


You should let this out-streaming occur each time that you have carried out the exercise, or at least on some occasions. I understand in this day and age it is not possible to carry out this exercise just anywhere, I recommend that you do it in the morning as a practice and then apply it if possible after the exercises.


[stbpro id=”download” caption=”3. The Effect of these Exercises” image=”null” collapsing=”true” collapsed=”true”]

The fourth exercise helps us overcome the oppositional force of Lucifer (negativity in the astral body). It frees the astral body from Lucifer’s negativity (primal lie and illusion), it perfects the capacity for thinking and feeling, and strengthens the soul in its effort to gain control and sovereignty of itself. Our feelings are freed. 


[stbpro id=”info” caption=”- Spiritual Forces and Their Effects on Us.” image=”null” collapsing=”true” ccolor=”2e7cb9″ collapsed=”true”]

Negative Spiritual Forces

There are three supersensible, spiritual forces or beings, called in anthroposophy Lucifer, Ahriman and the Asuras (Asura in singular). These beings affect the evolution of the various bodies of the human being:

  • Astral body – Lucifer
  • Etheric body – Ahriham
  • Physical body – Asuras

These beings have received the task of opposing the human being, in order that they may develop and evolve. It is essential to understand how these beings effect us. The human body is the physical expression of our thinking ego-being; and thinking on the physical level is the foundation of human nature. The Asuras specifically attack this thinking, where we find thoughts arising in us of a lower, sensual, emotional, self-involved kind.

We have to raise our thought forms setting a higher, new, living thinking, so that the Asuras begin to ‘starve’, and we will be able to overcome their influence. So exercising positivity creates the counterbalance of the negative and its effects which Lucifer has woven into our astral body.  In fully keeping with this positivity, we stop seeing these beings as adversaries or enemies, rather seeing them as giving us the opportunity in developing ourselves, our own particular powers and capabilities. We see them as trainers and begin to see them as being an enormous help to human beings.

Positive Spiritual Forces 

The three ‘trainers’, Lucifer, Ahriman and the Asuras, are the chief providers of the opposition (negativity) which human beings need to develop and transform their three bodies (physical, etheric and astral). There are, however, three, far mightier beings who counteract them, who act as guides and helpers of humanity, ensuring thatLucifer, Ahriman and the Asuras remain within the bounds of their task. These powerful beings (The Hierarchies) belong to the highest being-levels of the universe, and protect the human beings’ three bodies:

  • The Spirits of Will (Thrones) protect the astral body.
  • The Spirits of Harmony (Cherubim) protect the etheric body.
  • The Spirits of Love (Seraphim) protect the physical body.


[stbpro id=”download” caption=”4. Spirit Guides: The Spirits of Will (Thrones)” image=”null” collapsing=”true” collapsed=”true” ]

They cleanse the body the astral body of the Original Sin*, restoring the original nature of our will.

By working through the fourth exercise, we begin to transform the damaged astral body and the Thrones simultaneously enhance in us the power of will. The fourth exercise enables the astral body to gradually free itself from and be cleansed of the negative / bad will, so that ‘good will’ can reinstated instead . 

Notes: * The astral body was bound to the sense world through the ‘temptation’ of Lucifer and we are dependent on this world in our feelings. This is the astral body aspect of the ‘Original Sin‘.


[stbpro id=”download” caption=”5. Transmissions” image=”null” collapsing=”true” collapsed=”true” ]

  • Session Seven – Earth Element Activation
  • Session Eight – Ancestral Healing & 936Hz Mastery (Pineal Gland Stimulation)


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