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Exercise Five


Developing Openness

[stbpro id=”download” caption=”1. The Exercise” image=”null” collapsing=”true” collapsed=”true”] To practice open-mindedness, everything becomes possible, being able to imagine what seems impossible is not. 

What needs to be done

  • Always try to be open. Whenever you have an experience, a statement or situation, etc. that seems to be impossible, even unbelievable, try to open yourself to it possibility at that very moment you experience it.
  • Depending on the circumstances, either say out loud to yourself or something similar:
    • ‘Yes, that could be possible under certain conditions’
    • ‘I haven’t yet experienced everything that exists’
  • Try to pay close attention for moments in your life when this exercise can be practiced.
  • Try to become aware of your innate, your natural tendency to believe that only which you have already experienced, what you already know, and what is familiar to you, is only true and real.
  • Open the soul to new experiences. Become an open mind to everything which you encounter.

What should be avoided

  • Waiting for a later moment before deciding what you think about it.
  • Just doing the exercise for the sake of doing it.
  • Accepting something unknown without really thinking about it.
  • Becoming too gullible and unquestioning.

What is important

  • Developing a clear picture of the imperfection and incompleteness of your own experiences. 
  • Not just believing, but practicing openness and open-mindness.
  • Becoming unbiased and impartial.


[stbpro id=”download” caption=”2. Etheric Stream – Feeling Energy Exercise” image=”null” collapsing=”true” collapsed=”true” ]

A subtle feeling like very delicately vibrating air, which streams and pours into your body from the world around through your eyes, ears and your whole skin. You suck it into yourself.


You have the feeling that you can perceive in other ways than through the physical sense organs. Love as activity.


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The fifth exercise helps us overcome Ahriman (cleansing the etheric body of the illusion of time). It frees the etheric body from dependency on senses impressions and being absorbed in the ongoing rush of time. The veil of materialistic illusion created by the Ahriman is brushed aside. We can become free of the past’s influence as the single determining factor of our life.

Ahriman works in the etheric, living realm of the outer world. Ahriman is the bearer of the power of death and dying, and oversees the flow of chronological time, of ‘Chronos’.

Through the fifth exercise we open ourselves up to the world of spirit, brushing aside the veil of time which the Ahriman have woven. To the awareness of truth attained by the fourth exercise is now added the experience of beauty..


[stbpro id=”info” caption=”- Spiritual Forces and Their Effects on Us.” image=”null” collapsing=”true” ccolor=”2e7cb9″ collapsed=”true”]

Negative Spiritual Forces

There are three supersensible, spiritual forces or beings, called in anthroposophy Lucifer, Ahriman and the Asuras (Asura in singular). These beings affect the evolution of the various bodies of the human being:

  • Astral body – Lucifer
  • Etheric body – Ahriham
  • Physical body – Asuras

These beings have received the task of opposing the human being, in order that they may develop and evolve. It is essential to understand how these beings effect us. The human body is the physical expression of our thinking ego-being; and thinking on the physical level is the foundation of human nature. The Asuras specifically attack this thinking, where we find thoughts arising in us of a lower, sensual, emotional, self-involved kind.

We have to raise our thought forms setting a higher, new, living thinking, so that the Asuras begin to ‘starve’, and we will be able to overcome their influence. So exercising positivity creates the counterbalance of the negative and its effects which Lucifer has woven into our astral body.  In fully keeping with this positivity, we stop seeing these beings as adversaries or enemies, rather seeing them as giving us the opportunity in developing ourselves, our own particular powers and capabilities. We see them as trainers and begin to see them as being an enormous help to human beings.


Positive Spiritual Forces 

The three ‘trainers’, Lucifer, Ahriman and the Asuras, are the chief providers of the opposition (negativity) which human beings need to develop and transform their three bodies (physical, etheric and astral). There are, however, three, far mightier beings who counteract them, who act as guides and helpers of humanity, ensuring thatLucifer, Ahriman and the Asuras remain within the bounds of their task. These powerful beings (The Hierarchies) belong to the highest being-levels of the universe, and protect the human beings’ three bodies:

  • The Spirits of Will (Thrones) protect the astral body.
  • The Spirits of Harmony (Cherubim) protect the etheric body.
  • The Spirits of Love (Seraphim) protect the physical body.


[stbpro id=”download” caption=”4. Spirit Guides: The Spirits of Harmony (Cherubim)” image=”null” collapsing=”true” collapsed=”true” ]

They cleanse the etheric body of the illusion of time.

The Cherubim oversee life of the universe, the harmonious confluence of all the parts and processes of the world. The also supervise Ahriman’s activity in the human etheric body. It is Chronos or chronological time which draws us down out of the world of harmony, out of eternity.

[stbpro id=”download” caption=”5. Transmissions” image=”null” collapsing=”true” collapsed=”true” ]

  • Session Nine – Six Month Future Self Integration
  • Session Ten – Equinox – Celestial Harmonising


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