Individual Mentoring

Moving Beyond Limitation – Mentorship Program

A Six Month Transformational Experience

The teachings, the transmissions and processes applied allows the participant to experience life in a whole new way, seeing the connection through all experiences. Awakening to higher aspects of love and developing deep peace, opening ones awareness to reflection and the integration of both the shadow and light aspects. Developing their energetic centres, enhancing their intuition bringing focused action into shifting behaviours, patterns or beliefs that limits their potential.

This program is designed to assist the participants in creating an accelerated shift in perception and awareness. We are constantly creating moment by moment, our inner world reflecting our beliefs, our emotions and connection with our physical world. This process happens consciously and unconsciously, creating experiences that we either love or fear. Most are unaware of this amazing mechanism and the core of this program is to show you how to use this simple reflection mechanism as a guide to creating a reality that brings you abundance in its many forms including joy, peace and love.

These practical processes allow one to see the shifts as they move through the challenges of everyday life, expanding and developing their connection to a higher awareness. It does not matter what the limitation is, whether you experiencing indecisiveness, feeling stuck or blocked, unable to connect, not sure which direction to take, suffering from illness, depression, etc.

“Our capacity to love and to be loved, is defined by how we see ourselves.
The greater our acceptance of self, the greater our experiences of life.”

Individual Session Work

  • Guide you in bringing your intention into reality over the six month period
  • Assist in shifting limiting ideas and beliefs that you may have about yourself
  • Create a new perspective on life, a richer, rewarding and fun experience

Energy Transmissions

  • Intensive and transformative Energy Transmissions
  • Development of our energy field, inner vision, intuition and energy centres
  • Opening our awareness to Love in all its aspects as we understand and integrate both our Light and our Shadow
  • Energetic experiences that enhance and reshape our reality

Exercises that will be practised during the course of the program

  • Primary Exercises (experienced during the whole program)
    • The Reflective Reality
      • Trusting and developing intuition
      • Accepting all aspects of self (including our Shadow)
    • Meditation
  •  Secondary Exercises
    • Developing our Capacity to Love
    • Developing Confidence
    • Practising Positivity and Patience
    • Opening Oneself to New Possibilities
    • Developing Focus and Action

6 Month Mentorship Program
£150 / month

What others say about the program?

Aang Aakha
Aang AakhaTransformational Coach, Mentor & Energy Specialist

“My journey has progressed to an unbelievable level while taking the Program’s lessons, exercises and most of all Aang’s very powerful activations. My confidence and social ability has improved no end as is my understanding of spirit bodies, guides and ancestors. I am more grounded and less confused about life & people! Although the course is coming to an end, I feel very much like I did after I passed my driving test,  the real driving begins after the practice & theory has been given. Looking forward to some awesome adventures driving through life with my new colour tinted frames,  my higher self, my beautiful dragon guide and most of all the joy & magic along the way. Thank you Aang for awakening such beauty within which I know will continue to grow and inspire. Namaste ?” Linda, United Kingdom

“I am so grateful to Spirit to lead me to Aang. His guidance has brought much needed clarity, grounding, and focus to my spiritual confusion, disorganization, and lack of control. All the while, he has helped to streamline and accelerate my spiritual growth with this newfound clarity. As an energetic healer and spiritual coach myself, my intuition and sensitivity have proven time and time again when working with Aang that the energetic transmissions he facilitates come from an authentic, divine, and multidimensional place. I feel the effects of these shifts for the week to come and beyond. I am also truly grateful for the tools and exercises he provides that guide me in between our sessions together. All in all, I feel so much more clarity, so much more in my power, so much more on my path since working with him. Thank you, thank you, thank you.Jasmine, United States

“The 6-month program was an amazing and transformational experience for me. Finally, I have learned what it means to trust the process which has brought me great inner peace. I now understand that the process of creation starts in my head and thanks to that program I have started shifting my mindset into empowered and positive thinking which has been super beneficial for me. And last but definitely not least I love and love Aang’s transmissions ?” Ilona, Poland

“Thanks Aang for such an amazing journey, this program has truly taken me more deeper within myself and helped me get so much closer to remembering that which I am. I truly enjoyed the energetic transmissions, this for me has been the highlight of this program. Keep doing what you doing and thank you for all that you do, cause like me , there are so many others requiring such aid and assistance, and I pray they find their way to you. God bless. ?” Harishnee, South Africa