Notes on Kundalini Meditation

Aligning and Balancing Chakras

  • You may wish to align and balance the Chakras and even illume them without raising the Kundalini.
  • This is not only permissible, but is highly recommended as a means of stabilization and centering ones’ self during times of stress and hardship.

Aura of Protection

  • When the apprentice has finished with the Kundalini and puts it to rest, permit the created Aura of Protection to stand.
  • It will afford protection for several hours; and because it is intelligent, it will make itself easier to form the next time you choose to create it.


  • Raising the Kundalini more than once a day, is not recommended.
  • The Kundalini may be raised at any time and not on any particular schedule.
  • It is well to remember that once you have committed yourself to the raising of the Kundalini, you must go all the way (up or down). To bring the Kundalini up half way and then hold it there for a period of time, expecting to pick it up later, is not a good idea!

Glass Tube

  • The mythical “glass tube” is also very useful in helping the beginner with the critical and sometimes, complex visualization process.
  • The “glass tube” is simply a “visual aid” and does not actually exist.


  • Due to the use of unfamiliar energies, the apprentice is apt to experience headaches the first few times the exercise is performed.
  • This is common and should not be taken seriously.

Lowering the Kundalini

  • To start the Kundalini descent, only to remember a question that was forgotten and turn around to have a further conference with the Higher Self is not the thing to do!
  • Once committed to the raising or the lowering, you must continue all the way.
  • We also wish to point out to you, for your peace of mind, that when lowering the Kundalini, we have instructed you to “turn out the Light and stop the rotation.”
  • This is useful so that you might notice that an event of progress has just taken place. Actually, the particular Chakra just deactivated, did not “go out”. It immediately resumes its normal brilliance and rotation. A status a bit less than when the Kundalini is being utilized.

Prayer of Protection

  • We ask that you repeat the Prayer of Protection first thing in the morning, and the last thing at night.
  • It is a very good habit to say the Prayer of Protection before you begin the exercise, and to say it once again after having completed it.

Prime Spirit Guide

  • It is comforting to remember that your Prime Spirit Guide is always standing behind you to assist in maintaining the alignment and balance of your Chakras and making certain that the Kundalini does indeed touch each and every stem of all seven Chakras.
  • The Guide will adjust the speed of rotation, as well as the necessary degree of brilliance.
  • You may rely heavily upon your Guide, that is why he/she is there.
  • As you become more adept with the Kundalini Meditation, it would be good to develop a better and better working rapport with your personal Spirit Guide.

Raising Kundalini

  • Do not raise the Kundalini and then fall asleep.
  • Also it is not wise to be physically active with the Kundalini raised.
  • Respect the Kundalini just as you respect the Creator; it is the microcosm thereof.

In the early stages it is recommended that you use the Kundalini for meditation purposes, and of course, to familiarize yourself with your Higher Self. In due time, you shall develop sufficient awareness to know your source. You shall become aware of your Multidimensional Self and the assets of the co-operation of your many parts, physical and non-physical. You are a child of the Light, a vital part of Creation, and you have every right to be.

As you begin to unravel that great mystery of who you are, as you begin your journey inward in your search, you are complemented by the rising vibrations of your beloved Earth Mother. As the Earths’ vibrations rise, (as do your own,) she enters into an era far more beautiful and lovely than she has ever experienced before. The beauty, the serenity, the peace, the justice, is far greater than your human experience can imagine. Your inner beauty shall indeed prevail, as you seek onward in the discovery of self and of your Source.