Discovering Your Purpose

The technique applied in this training is from my great Native American Guide, Elder and Mentor. His name is Chief Little Summer and his wife’s name is Warm Night Rain. This is his teaching and I have had many multidimensional experiences with him, shown techniques and ways of working with energy. All this work is for the preparing yourself and our planet for the Ascension Process that we are approaching by increasing our vibrations. We will teach the proper use of the Kundalini that you might consciously contact your Higher Self and thusly penetrate Intelligent Infinity. You will learn how to use the Light – the ultimate gift of the Creator, and how to apply Love – as it relates to Karma and Reincarnation.

The material teaches explicitly the “how to” of awakening that Divine Energy that is inherent in all life, the KUNDALINI. When employed properly, this greatest of all energies is completely safe, even for those encumbered in the human body. Knowledge of the Chakras (the body’s energy centers) is incorporated in this technique.

We can readily assure you that there is absolutely no danger whatsoever if instructions are followed to the letter. You are never to alter or modify the procedure of raising and lowering the Kundalini…not even a little bit! How you choose to use the Kundalini and your higher state of awareness, is entirely up to you. In fact, we encourage you to be innovative and be versatile, for this is pleasing to the Creator. The method that you are being taught, is universal, and is literally billions of years old. We suggest that you make no attempt to improve it. – Chief Little Summer

The consciousness from the cortical (thinking) portion of the brain, is carefully and gently taken outside of the body, fully protected, and attached to the entities own Higher Self. When this conscious rapport is firmly established, after some practice, then the gateway to Intelligent Infinity (Cosmic Consciousness) is yours for the entering. This ability separates fourth-density man from humans. On a conscious level, a two-way conscious communication is established with the Soul by the personality. The eventual integration of the Higher Self with the Lower Self provides an “at Oneness” that gives a peace not often found by those in the human shell. The Law of ONE is thus being satisfied perhaps for the first time in the course of the human experience. You shall discover for yourself your own “greatness” as you become more and more aware of your source.

“Using the Kundalini, to make conscious contact with your Higher-Self, is a tremendous asset in discovering who you really are and what your life is all about. This is the Path of the Masters.” – Chief Little Summer & Warm Night Rain.

We must prepare ourselves and our planet for the rising vibrations of the coming New Age. The Kundalini meditation is a beautiful tool to assist in this work. This is the path of the Masters, the Adepts. The Kundalini makes possible a higher and finer understanding of this ancient knowledge, the knowledge which enlightens. The Kundalini meditation is the finest of all meditations. The Kundalini is our gift from the One Infinite Creator. We are to use it freely, but wisely. The true seeker knows that ignorance is not bliss. Inner knowledge acquired through meditation eliminates ignorance. This is the first step in achieving wisdom as one progresses along the path to enlightenment or graduation.

To the Wanderers who have come to shed their Light and Love upon a wayward and confused planet, as you read our words, recall, and remember…who you are and from whence you came, and why you are here. Much depends upon you and your re-awakening. One of the purposes of this material is to re- awaken those of you who come from other planets, you who have known the Universe. You who cast your shadow in the moon light and look to the stars and long for the home that you cannot quite remember. You who are MAN Incarnate. It is our hope and trust that some of the words in this book will trigger a recall that you might penetrate the forgetting and remember who (in the universe) you REALLY are; that you may be of greater service to your planet, to men, to Man, and to your source. As these words jar your memory banks and trigger recall, a chill may run down your spine as tears of joy stream down your face.

As we continue to use the Kundalini Meditation, we awaken ourselves more and more. Our need to share increases. Our ability to teach by example is sharpened and becomes moreproficient. The Kundalini meditation maximizes our ability to learn.