Prayer of Protection

It is a very good habit to say the Prayer of Protection before you begin the exercise, and to say it once again after having completed it. The more aware you become, the more Light you draw unto yourself. This Light attracts Negative Entities. Their desire is to control the Light. Failing this, they will attempt to put out the Light. These Entities can be very devious and are to be taken seriously. Keep in mind, they too have every right to exist in the Creator’s Universe. Negative Entities may approach you from the physical or from the unseen. The latter may seem frightening to the apprentice. Fear not! Your greatest “weapon” against Negative Ones is Love. Simply fill them with the Green Ray of Love, and this depolarizes them for a while, and they must back off to regain their Negative Polarity. Invoke Light/Love on everything, especially your “enemies”. Try it…you might be surprised.

We also ask that you repeat this prayer first thing in the morning, and the last thing at night. Our Prayer:

Prayer of Protection

“In the Name of the Presence and the Power Universal,
protect us from harm and all unenlightened Spirits;
and may the Light of our Spirit Guides and the Light of our Higher Selves,
illuminate our thoughts,
that we might reflect the radiant glory of ALL THAT IS” 

We leave you now in the Light and Love of our One Infinite Creator. Go forth in the joy of life and in the Service to Others.

Adonai. Adonai Vasu Barragus, Adonai.
English Translation: ‘Blessings in the Love and Light of our Infinite Creator’