Experience simple and powerful techniques in connecting with your Higher Self. Learn how to develop and strengthen your connection, and to trust your intuition and guidance. Each week will build on the previous and you will receive information, initiations and/or transmissions to help release any blockages or perceived limitations that are preventing you from awakening and developing your awareness into higher consciousness.

A large spectrum of topics will be explored, including physical and non-physical reality, multidimensionality, Higher Self, the reflection mechanism, sacred geometry, meditation, oversoul awareness, dream-state awareness, the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, the elements, guides and angels. Ultimately, all the topics covered support the primary focus of the course, which is to develop your connection with your Higher Self.

Who is this Course for?

This course is open to anyone that wishes to develop their intuition and evolve their connection to their Higher Self, regardless of religious or spiritual background.

The course acts as an accelerant on one’s journey, relative to whether you are at the beginning or well down the road. The process shared in this course reflects how I experienced this connection and developed my channelling abilities. This is a structured course aimed at developing your senses and energy with a specific theme every week.

Learn the associated principles, techniques and skills, exercises, including energy attunements / transmissions.  In this course I will show you that you have always been connected to your Higher Self, but have been unaware of it, helping you connect more consciously and to trust your experiences. You will get to experience yourself on a much deeper level, as you begin to align to your Radiant I AM Presence, which is the unification of the Physical Self with the Higher Self.

During the course, you will experience immense healing / alignment / balancing, spiritual growth and transformation. Some of the techniques shared are grounding, clearing, creating space, raising vibration, energy channeling and connecting to your Higher Self and guides…

⋆ 8 lessons designed to expand your awareness of the Higher Self and multidimensionality
⋆ 14 transmissions on releasing, clearing, acceptance and awakening to further develop your connection with your Higher Self
⋆ Exercises and processes to help develop your practice
⋆ Online course material

Online Training


Terms and Conditions

Frequently Asked Questions?

Can anyone attend this course?
Yes, anyone can attend this course, no experience required in meditation, energy or channeling.

How can this course benefit me?
– Learn techniques in developing your connection to your Higher Self.
– Inner Child healing as this is one of the bridges of connecting with our Higher Self.
– Bring the magic back into your life, reignite the passion.
– Develop your intuition and train your senses.
– Become more aware of your reality and what you are experiencing.
– Learn how heal and channel guidance.
– Help you focus on your life path and journey.

Would I learn anything new if I am already connecting with my Higher Self?
Yes, we are continuously expanding and evolving our awareness. One of the core principles is that we are multidimensional beings, you will be introduced to concepts like the elements and oversoul structures. Follow your intuition, you will know if this course if for you or not.

Can I attend this course online?
Yes, this course if offered online, you will also become a member of the course group where you are able to connect with students and facilitator, share experiences and ask questions.

Structure of Session

Session 1 – The Awakening (Each session is specifically themed in developing your connection and expanding your awareness.)

The Awakening (SAMPLE)

Basic Overview – Introduction to Multidimensionality and the Higher Self.  We explore physical and non-physical reality, intention and will, understanding the senses… Higher Self-Initiation and 3rd Eye Activation to enhance and develop your inner vision.


  • What is the Higher Self?
  • Understanding Multidimensionality
  • Physical vs Non-Physical Reality

Developing Skills & Techniques

  • Intentions and prayers as a daily practice
  • Creating sacred space
  • Feeling your energy

The program begins with an Initiation including a 3rd Eye Activation to expand your inner visioning and intuitive capabilities. Each week presents exercises and transmissions/attunements to integrate different aspects of your being, developing your senses as you expand your awareness and raise your frequency.

Energy Transmissions/Activations/Healing

  • Higher Self Initiation
  • 3rd Eye Awakening