“If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete.” – Buddha

Connecting with Your Higher Self

Session Seven

The Multidimensional Self

? Introduction

This week we will be exploring the Multidimensional Self and developing our conscious connection to our multidimensional aspects. As we open to these possibilities, our Soul begins to align to the Higher Wisdom within radiating our true nature. The topics for this session are:

1. The Multidimensional Self
2. Souls and Soul Aspects 
3. OverSouls and OverSoul Clusters
4. Transmission: Multidimensional Self
5. Exercise: Listening Meditation

? The Multidimensional Self

The Physical Self

As we reflect on life, we begin to observe the different roles that we have played from childhood to adulthood. The roles of a friend, carer, lover, husband, victim, perpetrator, teacher, leader… There have been many roles, with each role having a specific influence on how we interacted with reality. Some roles run concurrently, and some not, it is all relative to our desires at that specific moment.

You would realise that some of the roles came naturally and some required additional effort. Some roles felt impossible in the beginning and now it seems as if it has always been a part of you. This is multidimensionality, the seamless and natural connection to different states of being. This is the first step into understanding yourself as a multidimensional being.

The Spiritual Self – Awakening

During a process of awakening, our awareness begins to expand into other expressions of self. We look at our existence as eternal and our life here on Planet Earth as one of our experience. We start realising that we have connections to our past lives even playing out themes from different lives. Our awareness expands, we find out about psychics that can tell you about your past or even predict some of your future events. We are also introduced to our ancestors, our forefathers, those that came before us. We carry their genetics, we carry their code. We start opening up to concepts like soul groups and soul families.

The Journey

Once we experience non-physical reality, the search begins, an ever expanding journey of exploring consciousness. We start opening our consciousness to Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters, Higher Self, I AM, the Universe, God, Goddess… We are connected etherically to all of these beings, and the shape that makes those connections possible is the 5th Element, Spirit, the Dodecahedron. Look below at Soul Aspects, Souls, OverSouls and Clusters. We begin to see reality as a tiny portion of what is truly possible, unconsciously we start connecting with the other aspects of self, via etheric energy streams. These multidimensional connections happen through:

  • Meditation
  • Vision
  • Thought Forms
  • Dream States
  • Writing

The Reflection Mechanism

We begin developing even wider connections as we connect to the reflection mechanism. If reality is being projected through us, that means that ever person that we experience in our reality is a reflection of our collective consciousness, they are a part of us. We also have concurrent realities or expressions happening at the same time. Past lives and future lives. In each of those experiences, the same law applies, meaning that we are connected to everything in those realities, that everyone we connect to are aspects of ourselves as well.

There is also an infinite amount of parallel streams of reality happening in any given moment with aspects of us expressing in each of those realities. You can now see how exponentially connected you truly are multidimensionally. All the references used have pertained to Earth Incarnations, there are also other aspects of self experiencing in completely different realities, across time, across space, across dimensions. Physical, non-physical, humanoid, non-humanoid. The possibilities become endless.

? Soul Aspect, Souls, OverSouls, OverSoul Clusters, Higher Self

For us to understand the nature of consciousness we have to accept that there is a cosmic design in order. Let us look at ourselves as humanity, we all have the same physical body, the same design. If we look at other species, like animals even looking into the plant kingdom, we also notice a design. There is an order to everything, there is a design to creation, creation expressing itself in form.

Different elements create different forms; the shape known as the Dodecahedron represents the 5th Element which is also known as the Soul/Spirit/Higher Mind/Higher Self. In 2003 scientists has proven that the shape of our Universe is in a dodecahedron, so it is possible that we are just an infinite flow of consciousness just expressing itself. This can be represented by looking at fractals showing the infinite flow of design, sometimes seeming cyclic. A similar principle to the holographic theory, where the part is an expression of the whole and contains the whole within the part.

Soul & Soul Aspects

Let us look at the shape below, it has 12 faces and each face is pentagonal representing the Soul. These sides represent the different aspects of the Soul. The person reading this paragraph, is one aspect. There are other aspects of your Soul experiencing life in a different way, in a different reality even dimension, it may either physical or non-physical.


The Dodecahedron / 5th Element
Soul Aspects

OverSouls and OverSoul Clusters

The OverSoul is a projection of an additional 12 Souls. The dodecahedron has 12 sides and on each side we can project another dodecahedron. This is how we get the expression of 12 x 12 = 144 Soul Aspects. This initial cluster of 12(+1) dodecahedrons is called an OverSoul. This structure represents aspects of ourselves that we call Soul Family that connect on a much deeper and intimate level. These relationships can either be harmonic or create massive polarity for us to explore different themes and experiences.

Dodecahedron Cluster

OverSoul Clusters are a collection of OverSouls, the energy expands exponentially, clusters upon clusters. In the above diagram, the grey OverSoul is the centre, the nucleus for the next set of clusters. In this level of consciousness, consciousness is experienced on a group level. These clusters expand to contain larger groupings of consciousness like civilisations or the collective consciousness of a species. These forms of groups can also extend dimensions, time and space, including alternate realities, parallel dimensions, other dimensions…

OverSoul Clusters

The Higher Self

The Higher Self is the non-physical aspect of self which is complete and unconditional. It is our connection to our Divine Expression, the ability to connect to this Divine Consciousness and express it into physical reality. The Higher Self is the NUCLEUS or the ROOT decahedron of our consciousness expression. An expression of the Source that chose to express itself.




? Transmission

Bringing to ones awareness that being multidimensional is the natural state of being. Awakening the multidimensional portal, the seat of Higher Consciousness in the Thymus chakra also know as the Higher Heart Chakra.

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? Exercise

Meditation – Listening

From time to time, it is highly recommended to devote your whole meditation to listening. Just to listen. This process develops the throat chakra, the chakra of expression. Set the intention to hear the voice of your Inner Calling, your Inner Wisdom, the Higher Self, your connection to God/Goddess. You don’t have to be specific, you can also listen to your Guides.

At first you will probably not hear anything, too much thoughts, too much noise, but with time the noise will disappear and your inner hearing will open. With perseverance you will hear the inner voice, it is faint and subtle, also called the voice of silence.

Observe and record your experiences.