“If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete.” – Buddha

Connecting with Your Higher Self

Session Six

The 5th (Spirit / Aether) Element

? Introduction

This week we delve more into the The Fifth Element – The Higher Self. We bring together all of the elements as we connect to the Fifth Element, the Higher Self. Some of the topics covered in this weeks session are as follows:

1. The 5th Element – The Higher Self
2. The Reflection Mechanism
3. Transmission: The 5th Element
4. Exercise: Intention and Reflection Experiment

? The 5th Element

The 5th Element represents Aether or Spirit and it is the element that brings all the others together to create consciousness or life as we know it. The 5th Element is our Higher Self, our Higher Presence and is non-physical in nature, so it is the invisible chemistry, the bonds that bind and connect all of the other elements creating physical matter. This can represent the unseen force on how we experience reality.

If you are able to look at the Higher Self as being your Inspiration and Guidance mechanism, you will be able to open up your consciousness to this flow, like an artist with their paint, begin to bring the elements together harmoniously in the tapestry we call life.

Whenever you are in spaces of joy and excitement, the guidance and inspiration comes easily, you don’t have to connect, you don’t have to focus, it just flows. It is only in the moments when you feel down, depressed, sad or alone where you feel uninspired, disconnected and no idea what to do.

So why is this the case?
The Higher Self is the expression of your greatest joy and passions, when you are in this space, you are fully connected, you do not fear, you do shy away, you smile, you shine, you open. In those moments where you feel this, I would like you to consciously connect and give gratitude for these moments, as they will create and reflect more into your life.

? The Reflection Mechanism

Our reality is continuously being reflected to us through the presence of our Higher Self, everything that is experienced is our perceptions of what we see. Nothing is random, everything is connected, where there is connection, there is flow. Its does not mean that we have to interact with everything we see, simply just to have an understanding that all is connected through the fabric of space and time which we call our reality.

But what does all this mean?
Sometimes you would have a though and then you will see the though appear in your outer world

  • Sign on a bus, billboard, newspaper
  • Someone speaking to you about it
  • You overhear others speaking about it as you passing by

You end up experiencing this many times during the day or week. It is being brought to your attention for a reason, take some time and tune into it, does it bring you passion or joy. When you feel a bit more comfortable, act upon it.

To do or not to do!
Within Sacred Geometry we have both masculine and feminine forms. The feminine form is the sphere and the masculine forms are the platonic solids. As physical beings, we have both energies within us, we have a masculine energy as well as a feminine energy. We call these the masculine and feminine principles.


  • Electric
  • Mental, Logic, Calculating
  • Action
  • Drive


  • Magnetic
  • Creative, Intuitive
  • Receptive
  • Stillness

The more we begin to trust and work with this connection, we begin to develop an understanding on how we are connecting with our Higher Self. Let’s us visualise ourselves as a captain of a ship in the middle of an ocean. The captain represents the physical self, the personality. The ship represents our physical body and the ocean represents our idea of life, reality, the outer world. We have an objective and we would like to get to a particular place on the planet.

The body is our sensory or psychic antenna, if we don’t interpret or listen to the signals we end up going in a different direction, continuously re-adjusting till we eventually get there. This is being too much Masculine (action without reception or listening). The opposite is also possible where we have the messages and we not action them, as if we are waiting for something to happen or push us in a specific direction. This is too much Feminine energy.

There has to be a balance, the signals need to be interpreted and acted upon, when this happens, the objective is reached in a much shorter time. It is not that the objective is never reached, it always can be obtained, our mechanisms to bringing it into reality is what needs to be focused on.

Action without connection and Connection without action yields the same results, we will feel lost, have no direction and feel life floating away.

? Transmission

The intention of this transmission is to consciously connect to the 5th element. It is much easier to connect to the other elements as they are physical and very sensory whereas the 5th element is non-physical. By consciously connecting to this element, we begin to make it the centre of our reality as we see it as the subtle yet powerful force that brings everything together.

[mp3-jplayer track=”5th-Element-Transmission.mp3″ dload=”y” pn=”y” stop=”y” images=”true” imageAlign=”left” ]

? Exercise

Use this week as an exercise in understanding your Reflection Mechanism, follow the guidance and apply it to your reality. Is there anything specific that you require guidance in?

  • Set an intention for that you would like to receive the guidance over a period of a week or two.
  • During this period, make a note of all experiences that are related to the intention and your feelings associated with it.

You will begin to see a correlation with your thoughts which is your internal being and its connection with the external world. This can become a great tool in understanding where you at and how to navigate your reality.