“If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete.” – Buddha

Connecting with Your Higher Self

Session Two

The Earth Element

? Introduction

Welcome to Week 2 of Connecting with Your Higher Self. This week we will be exploring and experiencing Inner Child connection and healing. The introduction of Sacred Geometry and focusing specifically on the Earth Element with its respective Platonic Solid known as the Cube. We will be connecting and balancing the Root Chakra during the Earth Initiation Transmission.

1. Inner Child
2. Inner Child Healing

3. Sacred Geometry – The Earth Element
4. Transmission – Earth Element Transmission 
5. Exercise: Building Connection Meditation

? The Inner Child

The Inner Child is the most intimate part of us, it is that essence which non-judgemental, playful and innocent. The older we get, the more serious life becomes, we take on responsibility and make it our centre. We forget about the playful part of us, we become bogged down with life.

As adults we sometimes fail to realise that most of the issues and the problems that we experience stem from our unconscious mind and this is directly linked to our childhood. This is where most of our beliefs and understandings of reality have come from, practically all our relationship and emotional issues have there roots here.

It stays deep within us, like light shining through a filter where we are semi or totally unconscious of our actions, our emotions and how we see the world. Most adults are unaware that their childhood has a direct impact on their current life. Sometimes the beliefs are so strong that they reinforce themselves and we are unable to see that the belief is actually limiting us.

When we live our beliefs, it becomes difficult to actually see it because that is all we know. As we evolve and mature through life experiences we notice patterns in our external world, similar behaviours at work, in relationships and family, then we are start taking notice. We become more observant and we start addressing these experiences.

For us to heal and let go of the past, to shift the ideas that we have about ourselves and how we see the world, we have to acknowledge that we have an inner child. This is crucial, as this is the first step in truly connecting with yourself. As we connect with this aspect of ourselves, the more tangible the experience, the greater the effect of release.  Once we are able to accept the innocence within us, we then reflect it into our reality.

Like all processes, we become effective as we master the process, consciously connecting to the Inner Child. Always remember, the child loves to play, the child is not serious, the child is usually afraid or scared. All the child needs is nurturing, spending some quality time with yourself to bring out that playfulness and fun part of you. This is food for your soul.

Connecting to Your Higher Self – one of the most important and key aspects is to be able to connect with your Inner Child, as this is the bridge for your connection to the Higher Self. Your joy and your innocence is the greatest accelerator of spiritual connection and integration.

One of teachers that I truly respect is Drunvalo Melchizedek, he shared that a wisdom teacher from Hawaii shared that most people struggle to connect with their Higher Self because they suppress the Inner Child. 

? Inner Child Healing Session

The session is to help you consciously connect with your Inner Child, healing and transforming on a mental and emotional level. Allowing the essence of playfulness, joy and fun to flow back into your life through the subtle expressions of self. To experience our Higher Self we have to slowly let go of the seriousness of life.

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? Sacred Geometry – The Earth Element

What is Sacred Geometry?

Geometry is derived from two Greek words (Geo – Earth) and (Metron – to measure) which is to measure the earth. Sacred Geometry is the sacred measurements of the earth through purpose and laws. This sacred art was the only known to the priesthood of ancient times. Sacred Geometry has existed in many of its forms throughout the ages, it is found in art, music, buildings, architecture in including megalithic structures like the Great Pyramid and Stonehenge. All have Sacred Geometric ratios, it has also been proven that the ratios within our physical body also aligns to these ratios.

The Fibonacci sequence is also known as the building blocks of creation and the ratio that is created with this sequence is called Phi. This Phi ratio exists in nature and is found throughout our physical body. The design known as the Vitruvian Man by Leonardo de Vinci’s teacher and mentor, shows how the golden mean ratio relates to the human body.

The Flower of Life is the core symbol in Sacred Geometry. Within the Flower of Life, there exists a geometric structure called Metatron’s Cube and within the cube, all five of the Platonic Solids can be found:

  • Cube – Earth
  • Tetrahedron – Fire
  • Icosahedron – Water
  • Octahedron – Air
  • Dodecahedron – Spirit (5th Element)

Each of these Platonic Solids or geometries are associated to an element and our focus for this session is the Earth Element. The Platonic Solid that represents Earth is the Cube. The power to command nature is to work with these elements namely, Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Spirit. We have to first understand the nature of these elements and command them within us, our own Inner Worlds before we can have any effect on our external reality. This understanding is derived from the ancient principle AS ABOVE, SO BELOW.

The Element Earth


Earth represents the foundations of our physical reality, relates directly to our PHYSICAL BODY, health, wealth, prosperity, security as well as fertility. It influences the material structure of our reality, all of our associations, ideas and beliefs that are attached to this element.

Root Chakra

  • All of the above attributes are also bound to our root chakra, this is our most basic basic chakra, our survival chakra, it is closed to the ground, it is closet to the earth, grounding our energy.
  • Anything that is associated to security including the fears associated with it are stored and held within this chakra.
  • This session is focused on the root chakra as we connect with the earth element, integrating this specific energy within the body.

The Earth element helps us bring our desires and manifestations in to reality by giving it form and giving it structure.

As our spiritual journey unfolds, our connection deepens with all of life, we begin to align with the cycles of nature. Each element exists within us and they have to be in equilibrium, working together through harmony and balance. Imbalances in these elements result in us being unstable in our physical reality, too much Earth results in an individual being stubborn, holding on and having fixed ideas. We have to be flexible and allow ourselves to be open to the mysteries of life as it unfolds before us.

The Physical Body is the key for the integration of these elements and energies. Each week we will be expanding our energetic field as we integrate each element with the 5th Element (Spirit) being the etheric force that keeps every together.

Within meditation the structure of the Cube can be used a a grounding force, as its property is Earth. It is also a powerful structure to create space as it represents the six directions.

? Transmission – Earth Initiation

The energy channelled and the intention of this transmission is to bring to your awareness the connection to the Element Earth and its association to the Root Chakra. Learning how to connect and use this element to ground, bring balance and hold ones energetic space. 

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? Exercise

Building Connection Meditation

This meditative experience brings to the awareness our connection to everything and everyone. Opening our heart centres to the Cosmos, Our Planet and to all of creation. Sharing our essence and love with everything unconditionally.

  • This process is not mandatory, although it helps in consciously connecting to Spirit and feeling your connection into creation
  • Visualise a beam of Light coming in from Universe, the Sun, Great Central Sun, Creator, Source, All that Is – entering into your Crown Chakra
  • Feel this light flowing through each chakra, awakening and balancing, from one chakra to the next ending at the root chakra
  • Feel the light flow through the root chakra connecting with the centre of the earth, feeling as if you in a mothers womb, being nurtured, being loved, being supported
  • Feel the light flow back up your chakra column (along your spinal cord) and anchor into your heart, feeling the diving connection of the Father energy representing the Universe…, the Mother energy representing Mother Earth and the Divine Child being yourself
  • With each breath feel the magnificence of this trinity of energy and share it with each breath you to all life. Become creative, visualise the light flowing from your heart to all
    • Around you in your immediate space
    • In the area that you live in
    • In the city that you are in
    • Within the country
    • Beings on the planet
  • Send this light unconditionally, no expectation, just sharing this essence of love with everyone
  • Take a deep breath in and then draw in all of this energy back into your body and feel it flowing into every cell, letting this concentration of love, awaken every part of your being